Ok, so I was watching the UFL game on Versus (I must be one of the few because it was pretty bad), and it struck me that what the CFL needs is a D-League. Money will always be an issue, but you could run a league on the cheep, play in really small venues (no need for 20k seat stadiums), and develop talent. It could act as a way for teams to expand their rosters, while allowing the “taxi-squad” guys a chance to play. The CFL member teams should affiliate with some junior leagues across the country and really develop the game at a grassroots level. Or maybe set up a regional league in the really small border cities of the northern US (like Fargo, ND, or Rochester, NY, or Flint, MI, etc…), and let them play in a closed circuit. It’d really get import players who come in and know the game, and if their close enough to the border, hey could pick up live feeds (no need for any TV contract). Don’t know if it’d work, but I thought that I’d throw it out there for you all to consider.