D. James

Mark my words! J.D is going to be a solid WR for our Ticats for a while, I dono why but i just have a gut feeling he is going to become an impressive WR next season!

Well that makes two of us.

NOT, however, two of us who think that he's going to be a solid WR for a while. . .

But rather, two of us who don't know why you think that. . .

I have this feeling he's going to end up like any number of mediocre to adequate import receivers who pass through the CFL. . .

He's becoming a reliable receiver. I am impressed with him the last couple of games. He seems to have solved his earlier problems. It's hard to say what he will or won't become but nobody can fault him for his performance lately.

There is no theory behind it,just have a gutt feeling!

Printers never had a reciever like that in Hamilton !!!

McDaniels has been the best rookie receiver this year. D. James doesn't come close to him. :cowboy:

Not overall but James has done some very good things lately. I think he is coming into his own and only time will tell if he is good enough to become a mainstay. None of the receivers come close to Bruce, for that matter but they all contribute.

Man, I didnt say he wasbetter then any other WR on this team, just said I have a hunch he is going to be a clutch WR

You are absolutely RIGHT, cats-n-pac, Drisan James is a KEEPER ... plain and simple. It was James that made Davis EXPENDABLE... I liken him to a Kerry Watkins. Once he sheds his ROOKIE feathers he will SOAR in this league ...


LOL this made me laugh good one.

Insert "Chris Davis" "Kwami Cavil" "Chris Brazzell" "DJ Flick" "Talman Gardner" here....seems like promising recievers come and go pretty quick.

Are you guys thick? I didn't say he was GOING to be a AMAZING starter! I just said I have a hunch..Im not GM Or Football Guru .I just cant explain why i feel he is going to be solid for us for a while! Chances are im wrong!