D J HALL released

....the guy looked like he had all the tools to do something here and then comes-up lame.....I don't know what to think ....either he was too risky health-wise....orrrrrrrr the coaching staff told him to sit tight and we'll talk later :wink: :wink: making way for another player to get some reps.....I heard the injury wasn't serious....Has Lapo seen enough of Hall, to convince him he has the 'goods'.... :roll: or is he toast????????if it's the latter....it's a tough break for him and the club.. :roll:

Somewhere, Allen Pitts is breathing a sigh of relief.....

....not to mention uncle Milt???? :lol:

Uh yeah, forgot about the Turtle Man.

....and who's Allen Pitts anyway......Ernie was better in my books :wink:

rediculous… he was the best player on the field the first two days of camp… whyyyy

his injury, I guess...unless Mack has somethin' up his sleeve...stay tuned, might not be the end of him and the Big Blue...

....i don't get it :roll: :roll: :roll: unless there's something going on behind the scenes we don't know about?>>>>

and there could well be...if he impressed the coaches as much as he's impressed reporters, they won't let him go far...

very possibly papa .... or you could be right as of earlier... maybe lapo has seen enough skill just like the fans have that he realises they have something special in him... so ratther than have him occupy a spot, the release him so they can evaluate more players at other positions... and then bring him back on once he is fully healthy... im really hoping that is the case, teams have done it before i think, including the bombers... didnt we used to cut cameron sometimes for camp?

cause to be completely honest i think he showed enough that even if he was hurt enough to miss the rest of camp and preseason, i would still keep him around somehow so we can work him in later... but i dont think his injury is very severe... which im happy about cause that kinda makes me lean towards it being a matter of saying, look youre gonna get a shot here kid, heal up and we'l put you back on the roster. for now theres other positions that need more looking over

Isn't Shelton hurt too? Anyone have any further news on him?

i didnt goto camp today, but he sat out hurt yesterday... he wouldve been cut wayyyyyy before dj if there wasnt something else going on.... i hope lol.... remember that the bombers have apparently signed hopkins and that fb from hamilton... they might need space to take a look at these guys... fingers are crossed tightly that we get to see dj hall again lol

Hall tore his hamstring so he would have missed the entire camp. Shelton is only day to day. That's why he's still here and Hall got cut.

thanks for the update STL… where did you hear that? its not that i dont believe you im just curious. thats a big blow for hall and the team… i still hope they do bring him back in for another look whenever hes finally healed. had some serious skills

i find it funny people are “upset” that a guy who played ok at rookie camp for 1.5 days gets cut and people are looking for reasons why… u know it could easily be… he got hurt bad and wont be healed in time or… he just… isnt as good as everyone thought. who cares. if its option A, which im sure it is… he’ll be brought back once healthy. If its option B… i would suspect the coaches and people in charge know a lil bit more about football than us fans.

Well, i would trust that LaPolice would know what he's doing in terms of evaluating offensive talent. So either he saw something he didn't like or there was something going on behind the scenes.

Careful....that's the sort of blind faith that was espoused during the season with The Professor in 2009, when "upsetting" decisions seemed to get made every week.

PS, thanks for Dinwiddie. By all accounts, he's looked real good in camp.

......and how is Aaron Fairooz working out for ya....last i heard he's living up to his ol injury plagued self ........tough to make the club from the tub.....Give Berry and ol noodle arm Dinwiddie time to get their act going.... the real stuff is around the cornor... You'll really enjoy that :lol: :lol:skip one....get one picked.....followed by a lot of yelling from the bench.. :lol:

Fairooz looked good, I'm told, but has a tender hammy. Really, with our receiving corps, no one at rookie camp is gonna get anything better than third string. They just need guys to run up and down the field so the QB's have someone to throw to.

As for Ryan, I'll reserve my judgment until live bullets are flying, but given reports out of your camp, he's no worse a backup to DD than Jyles was....

From the Sun:

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers made a few roster adjustments on Friday, the final day of the team's rookie camp.

The Bombers released receiver D.J. Hall, who suffered a hamstring injury on Wednesday and was unable to practise the last two days.

Meanwhile, the team brought back kick returner Willie Foster, who originally signed with the Bombers in September 2007 but was cut at the conclusion of the 2008 training camp.

Foster, who appeared in one game for the Blue and Gold, was signed as returner insurance since Travis Shelton is currently nursing a hamstring injury as well.

Another new player was on the field Friday, although the Bombers didn't announce who it was. It's believed to be defensive lineman Moton Hopkins.

Head coach Paul LaPolice said he needs to cut another "four or five" hopefuls either late Friday or early Saturday to get down to the mandated 68 players CFL teams are allowed to have in training camp.

The veterans will report on Saturday and hit the field for the first time on Sunday morning at Canad Inns Stadium. The Bombers play their first exhibition game a week from Sunday, at home against the Montreal Alouettes.