D.J Flick

D J should be a kick returner IMO, 4,2 speed!! , maybe some gadget plays , holmes/flick? :thup:

Leif Petterson is hilarious... does he know how fast 4.2 speed is?

I think 4.4 is realistic, DJ is fast, one of the fastest on our team... but 4.2 is a little unrealistic.... even fo DJ.

After his second beauty reception got called back (one for a TD) he probably could have done 4.0 back to the huddle to kick some O-line ass.
Good self control not letting it cause any grief between teammates, I wonder if
whats-his-name that got cut last week could have kept his composure.

flcik was back here returning kicks with holmes, didnt you see? but they kicked it to corey everytime