D.J. Flick???

Whatever happened to D.J. Flick?? The last I heard he was playing for the Rough Riders last season, broke his leg or something, I believe and was out the season, did he retire??

If he retired, I believe he is still young enough to keep playing, unless his injury was so severe that he could not return to the game or does not wish to. He would be great to have back in Hamilton, nice guy, very likable team player, well respected with great hands for catching the ball, good speed and great at running routes.

Do any Cats fans know what became of D.J.?Flick??

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FA No one picked Him after his Ankle
He living in The states now ..


I wonder how bad his ankle is? Even if he could return I wonder if he would still be Regina property or if you retire and came back are you open to play for who ever you wish?

I know he really liked Hamilton and Cats Fans and the closeness to his home in Pennsylvania which was a long distance to Regina. It would be great to have D.J. back in Hamilton, oh well, get rid of of the guys who can’t catch and lets get guys who can.

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His injury likely ended his career. Last year in the paper they said it was a spiral fracture and that's what was taking so long compared to the 6 other broken legs the riders had last year. Supposedly if you were to break a bone, a spiral fracture is the worst. He was a huge part of the 07 Grey Cup team and it woulda been nice to had him for a few more years. You sure you want him after the whole oski wee wee thing he did last time he played in the Hammer?

8) "Crash", should be able to give you an accurate answer to this question !!!!

Ya i could, seeing as everything above isnt accurate. But out of respect for DJ all i'll say is that he's likely not returning to the CFL.

Crash...please give my best to DJ and his family should you be in contact with him........I think of them often and hope things are going well for them.

I agree with someone above who said that DJ really seemed to take a shine to not only the Ticats but to the City of Hamilton as a whole.....I am happy he got a Grey Cup ring though and his name will be engraved on the silverware albeit with the Riders (a good second alternative :wink: )........ He earned it.

thanks Crash :rockin:

Alright so here's the story with DJ... After his first injury he did return to Sask as you may recall and play the final couple games of the regular season, from there his injury had not healed properly and he needed additional surgery which kept him out until just recently. He would have missed camp and be ready to go around now.

Instead of accepting any offers put to him, he managed to get a great job in his field close to his home and family, (remember his twin boys?).

Despite all of my attempts to get him to come back he's quite happy with his job and doesnt feel the need to come back to the CFL.


Thank you for that reply on D.J. Flick, great guy, I would of loved to see him come back to Hamilton but like you said he did get his Grey Cup ring in Regina and is happy now in his new career.

Please pass along all the best to D.J. and his family, great hands, great speed, all around good guy!!

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I second this........ Also, without DJ , I don't think we would have made it to the Grey Cup in 07, Let alone win it. I still remember that first home playoff game, first play of the game, watching DJ zoom passed us for the TD. Not to mention the crazy catches.

DJ Flick was great, tough, clutch player. I can't speak for anyone else but I don't take offense to his dance when he returned to Hamilton. He did way too much good for something that insignificant to outshine .