D.J. Flick

I read in The Star Phoenix this morning that D.J. Flick will be ready to practice in a week to 10 days.

I am certain that his practicing will be going through the playbook and reading routes and working out in the sun.

Tillman said that Flick and Fantuz will be ready before the playoffs. I thought it was in that Rod Pederson article but now I can't find it. I am pretty sure that Tillman said it though.

It was an endnote on the Anton McKenzie - Maurice Lloyd special teams article. It also said John Chick was practicing but still several weeks away (3-4). A week to 10 days before being able to practice usually means 3-5 weeks before you're back in game shape, but he could be quicker.

I didn't say he was comming back, i said he was practiceing. It only takes 6 weeks for a clean break to heal.

Didnt go to practice today. But read Flick was practicing on Riderville. Miketh will say Tillman doesnt know. But he wrote this tonight. Said Flick can play when Riders play BC here. Game is late September. Said if Flick comes back before then he counts against cap for every game he missed. He didnt say this. But this is what I think he meant. Flick can come back for BC game but may not be ready.

Fantuz4life is right. Flick is practicing.

Austin again with the bs. but then again that is what you do best isn't it.

Just a few days ago, ET was talking about Flick being back late Oct., maybe the play-offs. Now he might be back mid-Sept? Don't bet the farm on that....

Andy Fantuz will be back, a little after flick.

hmmm are you sure he wont be back long before the playoffs we still got 11 games left... he broke it week 2 and we're in week... 9? so thats already 7 weeks if we have another 10 to go before playoffs that makes it 15 weeks of healing time? isn't that a little more than nessacary?

Flick is practicing. From what I saw he was doing the athletic/workout parts of the practice. He did not run any plays when I was there. He did not even have equipment on.

D.J., according to the latest from Eric Tillman, should be ready to play in the Sept 20 game against BC - as long as there are no set-backs.

Here's hoping they aren't any.


come on Flick!! we need you!

Fantuz too but we need to get some of our stars back!

keep it up rider's keep throwing long bombs bishop your good at them! lets go cates and dressler u two are the best! come on flick and fantuz we need u guys! lets go rider's!

It would be nice to see Flick back next week. If you are on a 9 game list, doesn't that mean you are eligible to come off after 9 games? If he was hurt in game 2, that means he can return after game 11. If he is healthy and ready to play, that means he should be back for the next game here against BC.

I think they are saying he will be back the game after the BC game.

This is what Tillman said on Riderville. It was a week or 2 ago. He said Flick and Fantuz and Bowman and Belton Johnson are ahead of schedule. Said the doctors told Coach Miller and him they will all come back this year.

Said Montreal game for Flick was maybe. 1 of the 2 Calgary games probably.

Said Fantuz middle of October he thought.

Said Belton Johnson before the playoffs. The doctors had said no way this year. But he is doing good.

Bowman for 1 of the Calgary games.

Miketh you say I am full of BS. Lets see who is right. ET should know. And he said this on Riderville.

Tillman also said that Marcus Crandell was going to be as good as Joseph last season. You still need to eat your crow for that one there austin.

It just might be austin, that only the injured players know for sure just how healthy and ready they feel to come back. Maybe Flick wants to get a few practices in and a few more reps before he declares himself fit to play. Tillman's forecasts are just that- guesses.

Flick comes back i have a feeling he won't be like the old Flick :frowning: might even have to fight for a job