D. J. Flick rips into Ticats

D. J. Flick rips into Ticats


Tell us how you really feel D.J.!

He was a good character guy when he was here, and I am glad the trade put a fire in his belly, but there is a time when you have to be a professional and just let things go.

He acts like he was shocked to be let go from a 2-16 team in which he was one of the highest paid players. Sure in hindsight his production now seems to indicate that he wasn't necessarily the problem, but no need to rub it in your former employers face!

Grow up D.J., you are supposed to take the high road and let your production speak for itself!

Oh well, just thought I would share the article and my opinion ...

  • paul

Wonder if Brock Ralph was asked to take a 40% paycut... oh i forgot he was Maas' buddy.

I find it hard to cheer for this GM too.

I don't consider this big news at all, happens all the time. Ok, so DJ goes a tad more public than some players but all part of pro sports really. 40 percent does seem like a lot of money for a paycut but then the GM can plan his team the way he wants.

I don't begrudge his reaction. He liked it here, wanted to play here but was asked to take a substantial cut. I'd be upset too.

I understand his reaction as I understand Marcel's house cleaning and cap clearing practices.

I miss DJ, and support the GM's rebuilding efforts.

No big deal, but an interesting read this morning.

Oh well, that's football.

Great post.

I agree with the comment you make with regards to Marcel, but comparing a young non-import receiver to an older import receiver isn't really fair is it?

Flick was a part of the previous regime and with an entirely new staff and roster coming in, combined with the fact that he plays a position that is arguably one of the easiest ones to find import players for, how can anyone really be surprised?

This is a 'what have you done for me lately?' business and he had a bloated salary coming off of a terrible season. It doesn't seem that far-fetched to me ...

  • paul

I guess DJ is still upset...sorry buddy but its business.

Both are 27 years old... tell me another one. DJ's a 2 time all star and Brock is 1 time overpaid.

If I was told they are cutting my wages by 40% after two 1000 yard seasons and 693 yard season with bad coaching and a QB that could only throw 6 yard passes I would have alot more to say than flick did .
The team shafted him and us we had room under the cap and they traded a team player that we know could have been one of the best recievers on this team.

What does Brock get paid?

Non-import vs. Import is the important part of my argument. Receiver seems to be a position where talented, quality Canadians are very hard to find. Especially one that is twice as fast as all the others and still has the potential to improve.

Have you ever seen Jason Clermont, Andy Fantuz, Chris Bauman, Andre Talbot, Kamau Peterson, or Ben Cahoon ever run away from a defender?

  • paul

When they signed him RUMOR was $150k-$175k. Take rumor for what its worth.

Kamau Peterson yes,.... however.... Ok lets compare him to the imports. Cause it would have been nice to have Brock AND DJ on the same team (What a concept... 2 RECEIVERS making decent money on the same team)

Nate Curry
Jojo Walker
Talman Gardiner


DJ Flick for ONE of them, making 20-30k more.

Why is this even a discussion? Its so obvious that the "Rebounder" theory of cutting cost wherever you can is starting to come out. And our GM is the reason.

This happens in the No Fun League all the time. It's disappointing DJ couldn't be more of a professional about this.

sshh DJ is probably texting Kamu right now telling him we are talking about him :roll: Grow up DJ your performance didn't merit your salary here. Your on a very good team now so just bite your tongue. Burning bridges is not cool.

He should kept his mouth shut.
I liked DJ when he was here
We spoke offen
He was my 2nd Interview for Black and gold Report when I start it.

Once DJ said this Publicly
He showed What kind of man he is .
Bitter and Spiteful
Frankly I am glad he is gone.
Marcel was right He was making to much.
I agree the cut Marcel was asking for was too high
25 would done it .

I am not a Marcel Fan I am Ticat Fan 1st.

The Thing sour me on DJ Forever is Making this Public
I will hate him forever


2006 DJ Flick........ 52 catches 693 yards 13.3 avg 1 TD
2007 Brock Ralph. 48 catches 705 yards 14.7 avg 3 TDs

Sad to see DJ spouting vengeful bile like this. I always liked him as a Tiger-Cat, and I have enjoyed seeing him recover as a Saskie. Too bad he couldn't just let the past go and enjoy the present. You live longer if you know when to flush.

I'm with those who think the GM is doing ok given the task he faced with having to rebuild.....there is a solid core starting to form now.....we'll see a huge improvement next year I'm sure.....a Grey Cup?....more than likely not, but much more competive ....and who knows?

Anyways.....to the discussion about Flick. Yeah, it's too bad he's not here but I'm glad he's finding success in Saskatchewan....

Now, to the important stuff and I assume Deej still reads our forums..

Congrats on the twin pregnancy to you and the wife. Good Luck to you both.

Also, I'm glad the in-laws are ok!....whew!....that crash sounds like it was a bad one....the injuries, although bad, could have been much worse....I hope everyone recovers 100% back to normal.

oh yeah.....hope you guys lose the next two games.....lol :lol:

You are indeed, clueless on this matter.

However, With DJ at home and most likely missing this game this week due to family issues again... I will check out of this thread because it seems DJ has more important on his mind than get slagged on this forum from an interview he gave Ken Peters OVER a month ago.