D.Fluite first non-canuck named to canadian sports HOF


The Toronto Argonauts Football Club is proud to announce that Doug Flutie, former quarterback of the Argonauts, has been inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. He will be honoured, along with seven others, at a gala dinner in Toronto on October 25.

I guess because his contibutions were so positive and a boost to the league, an exception was made.......

i dont like the statement of him being named the WAYNE GRETZKY of the CFL :roll: IMO he didnt earn that title and the Wayne Gretzky of the CFL will/should be a Canadian :rockin: do they put in Candians in there Hall of Fame?

Werent there better CFL players to play the game? Im pretty sure there were...

not even close, specially not Canadian..

I don't have a real problem with it as long as this comes under the rules/mission of the HofF. And I assume it does. His accomplishments here speak for themselves and he does come back and is an ambassador for the CFL. I love the guy to be honest even if he is an American citizen.

Gretzky is not arguably considered the best player in the NHL because he is canadian, why should the best player in the CFL be canadian?

Best player of the CFL = Wayne Gretzky of the CFL.

Having said that, and as much as Flutie is my all time favorite athelete of any sport, I dont think he belongs in Canadian sport HOF. CFL HOF, for sure, but not this one.

Someday, I hope pinball gets there.

I though Darren was going in and Not Doug.

CFL HOF......yes!
Canadian Sports hall of fame.....NO!

I really dont have a problem with it-- his contributed greatly to the CFL on and off the field, so he deserves it.

Which is why the CFL HOF is fine!
Not the Canadian Sports HOF

Anyone else see an inconsistency here?

Doug is the first non-Canadian and Heisman Trophy winner ever to be inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. He is also the first Argo since Annis Stukus in 1991 to be named to the Hall. Other Argos who have been indcuted are Lionel 'Big Train' Conacher, Harry Batstone, Ab Box, Wes Ctuler, Cap Fear, Tony Gabriel, Joe Krol, Smirlie Lawson, Ted Morris, [b]Jackie Parker [/b]and Jake Gaudaur.
I don't know all the names on the list, but I do know that Jackie Parker was American. Maybe by "first non-Canadian" they are excluding naturalized citizens.

(The other slight problem I have is the claim that Tony Gabriel was an Argo. Right - and Gandhi was a cattle farmer!)

"He dominated the Canadian Football League while he was here, right?" stated Stamps offensive lineman Jay McNeil, who protected Flutie for two seasons. "Dominated it. How many times was he league MVP? I think the only years he didn't get it was his first year (1990) and then the year he got hurt, in '95.

“Mike Bossy or Cassie Campbell . . . did they dominate their sport like he did? They were obviously awesome, but Doug was kind of like the Wayne Gretzky of the CFL.”

“He was the greatest player of all time in the CFL,” chimed in former Stamps exec Ron Rooke, “so, if there’s a Canadian Sports Hall of Fame and he’s the greatest player to ever play in the CFL, why wouldn’t he be in there?”

The Canadian hall already included several American-born CFL legends who became naturalized Canadians or who settled here after their careers, including George Reed, Ron Lancaster, Jackie Parker and Bernie Faloney.

I couldn’t say it any better than these guys. Flutie was the best player in CFL history and the title of “Wayne Gretzky” of the CFL was an apt description of his career. Doug won six Most Outstanding Player awards in 8 seasons. Has any player other than Russ Jackson ever won it even three times?