..D.D. set to sign ....with .... someone

...according to tsn. Dave Dickenson is ready to resume playing after a check-up with a concussion doc. ...he also talked with Argos while in T.O. does that mean he could be announced as the Argo back-up soon....orrrrr....no. 1 qb. ...hmmmmmm :roll:

The free-agent quarterback admitted to CKNW that he has [b]several offers [/b]on the table from CFL clubs and plans to make a decision soon [b]but stopped short of naming specific teams. [/b]

...right ro13.....he hasn't decided officially....that's why i said....or with 'someone'...i'm sure he's entertaining other offers/// :wink:

Who was it who joked about old geezer QB's always having a place in Toronto? :lol:

if DD signs with the argos, im an not going to another argo game until he is gone and i will throw all my CFL ticket money at the hamilton tigercats.

DD would be a perfect fit in hogtown, especially being a veteran of 4 NFL teams. And having just turned 35, Dave could still be referred to as the "young fella" around Argoland, with D. Allen still in the fold. Heck, DD's only a couple of years older than M. Bishop!

The Lions will be glad if Dave signs in the East, I'm sure they would dread having to play against him 4 times this year, if he signed in Cal or Sask.

I'm surprised that Wpg hasn't stepped up with an offer yet. They are usually the bridesmaid in QB bidding wars for R. Ray, DD and others. I can't imagine they are short of cash as K. Glen is the lowest paid starter in the league. Who would you rather have coming off the bench if your starter got injured...Dave Dickenson or Ryan Diwiddie?

If healthy and of course that's a big if, Dave can be productive and in fact be a first stringer again for whatever team he signs with.

until game 2, when hes knocked into dreamland the rest of the season.

Hold the phone our little eavsdropper has heard through the grapevine or rumor mill.

Calgary could be a 'good fit'
Stampeders have expressed interest in bringing Dickenson back as No. 2 pivot behind Burris


Dave Dickenson is ready to play again.

And of the three teams interested in welcoming him back, the most intriguing is the organization that gave him his CFL start -- the Calgary Stampeders.

In the midst of an off-season in which the veteran quarterback seriously contemplated retirement, Dickenson recently received calls from Toronto, Winnipeg and the Stamps, who all expressed interest in offering him varying roles.

"I think it's a good fit here in Calgary," Dickenson told the Sun yesterday following a workout and shinny game with Stamps alumni.

"I've already played here, I love the coaches and I've always seen myself looking to come back at some point.

"I'm not looking to make any waves -- while a couple teams are looking for a starting job, here it would certainly be to come in and support Hank (Henry Burris) and if you're needed, you're needed."

Released in November by the B.C. Lions due to his $400,000 per year price tag, the emergence of Jarious Jackson and Buck Pierce, as well as his health concerns, Dickenson retreated to his Calgary home to ponder his future.

Three concussions in as many years prompted many to suggest the 35-year-old should put the wraps on a career that earned him Grey Cup rings in Calgary and B.C.

However, the CFL's 2000 Most Outstanding Player and the 2006 Grey Cup MVP is anxious not just to play, but win again.

"It's just a matter of if I fit into someone's plan," said Dickenson, 35, who played here from 1997-2000 before trying the NFL. "I know what I'll play for and what I'll potentially move to another city for.

"If it's there it's there, if not I just won't play. I'm not playing hardball -- I just need a good fit, a good situation. My agent was expecting all the numbers (yesterday) and (today) so now you just decide: You have offers to be starter and backup. You have to decide what's in the best interest for you and your family. I don't see it taking longer than a week or two."

Dickenson got final medical clearance from concussion guru Dr. Karen Johnston in Toronto last week. While there, he sat down with the Argos, who tabled an offer guaranteeing an open competition with Michael Bishop for the starting job.

Dickenson also spoke with Winnipeg coach Doug Berry about the possibility of playing behind Kevin Glenn. Bombers GM Brendan Taman said Dickenson may be out of Winnipeg's price range.

"In all honesty, I don't think we're going to be able to get into that," Taman said.

Dickenson's discussions with Calgary date back to December and would involve him backing up Burris, who was the back from 1997-99.

"As a friend, you want to make sure he's OK physically, but if he's made his decision to play and he ends up deciding to play with us, it's a good thing," said Burris, caught offguard by the move. "Dave's definitely a great leader and a guy I learned so much from in the past. It would definitely make your team better."

Stamps director of player personnel Jim Barker referred the matter to head coach John Hufnagel, who was in transit and could not be reached for comment. Dickenson was waiting to hear from his agent on the exact details of the formal contract offers expected from Winnipeg and Calgary.

"I'm really only concerned about winning," he said.

Just the attitude and addition the Stamps could use.

The Argos can have him.. anyone who signs DD is taking a big risk, one more concussion and he won't even know what his name is, let alone trying to be a starting QB.

Then you can watch HB get on his horse and ride right out Calgary.... :lol: :lol:

The Argos can have him.. anyone who signs DD is taking a big risk, one more concussion and he won't even know what his name is, let alone trying to be a starting QB.
I don't see what the risk DD is for the CFL teams? It is Dave who is taking the risk. If he gets bonked on the head again and his career is over, his salary won't count against the SMS...and the team will be in the same boat as before, and can play B. Nealy or R. Dinwiddie, the same options as if they didn't sign DD.

The risk is knowing that at any time, he can suffer another concussion, affecting his quality of life. I would not sign him, peroid. I think DD has to take a look at the ramifications are if he suffers another concussion, how it might affect him well after his football playing days are done. There is more than just salary to consider when you are talking about DD.

Come on Drummer, between Damon Allen and Dave Dickenson look at all the Experience and Grey Cup Rings! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I smell Toronto stacking their team for the "Old Timers" tournament! :wink:

Marty York Reports that the Argos will sign Danny McManus, giving Toronto, the most experienced TRIO of Quarterbacks in League history. Coach Rich Stubler was quoted as Saying Dickenson, Allen, and McManus will have to earn the number one spot! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Well, Dave would certainly be a better back-up than the INT machine that is Akili Smith. :lol:

But seriously, why would anyone encourage him to continue playing. Know when to hang it up!

Exactly Chief. Dickenson risks permanent brain injury. He could easily get a coaching position. Why risk your health?

"Dickenson got final medical clearance from concussion guru Dr. Karen Johnston in Toronto last week."

My bet is DD signs with the Stamps as Hanks back-up. If Dave is cleared and hell bent on playing then the Stamps will take him. He will be an asset behind Burris when Burris starts to play poorly.

Pushing Burris with DD would be a perfect fit in Calgary, DD would know his role (back-up) with definite playing time somewhere as we all know Hank can't go a complete season with any consistency.

The only real problem with going to Calgary is the potential quarterback controversy that it will create with the fans and media.

Johnny boy will have a tough time converting the league largest under acheivers into real contentors without that problem.

Mind you since Johnny boy did well in platoon situation maybe that is how he will start out the season.

The real question in my mind is how long can Dave go without saying anything. As competitive as he is it could cause problems.