D. Coordinator

we need an exp. cfl defense coach right now . fire him if he cant catch on to the cfl and calling plays give him the boot.even pee wee coachs call plays on time lol.this guy has no schemes or ideas about cfl defenses rod rust part time would of been better lol.

No Tiller didnt get beat on any deep plays. That was roberts that kept getting beat. Tiller had some key plays including a touchdown saving pass break up.

all these posts re. the co-ordinators not being good enough, clueless are very well said. we've got coaches who have not been co-ordinators before coming from other leagues and levels.its fine to promote from within the cfl-coaches who know what time it is,but marcel and charlie made this bed. they're the guys who pin-pointed these coaches to come in here and run their respective sides of the ball so the blame should be put on these 2 guys for choosing o'neil and working.if pinball can go from the field to the sideline,WHY CAN'T HITCH? he knows the personnel, probably would run something like sudsy's D
with a mix of his own ideas,he'd be awesome.

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I replied to that in the thread you've started, CL.

This is crazy, Taffe, Ed O'neil need to have a meeting as to how to to teir damn job efectively!

this also has to do with taffe mind u.. hes responsible for making sure the D cordinator knows what hes doing.. taffe should adress this right away and figure shit out.

I think part of the problem was that Taaffe was hired in mid December and might have missed out on some of the more experienced coaches with CFL experience, Burrato, Cortez and Chapdeliane come to mind (can’t think of any D-coaches off the top of my head though).

Remember the original defensive coordinator was Rod Rust who later opted out and was said to be staying on in an advisory capacity, not sure if that’s still the case?

bad excuses, there are plenty of former cfl players/assistants, the team could have hired john huffnagel afert he was demoted from play calling duties and later canned from the giants, the ti-cats didnt man-up, they need to get tough baby