D. Coordinator

maybe taafee wil call in rod rust what is he like 79 now?

i say bring in my old high school coach bobby krouse.

If Rust saw the game and Charlie talks to him, Rust will hit the roof over what he saw. Trust me.

Oski Wee Wee,

Another good option. I had the pleasure of meeting Bob briefly a couple of years ago at the stadium. ANYONE with a playcalling clue beats what I saw today, if just to interim it. It was that bad.

If I were Charlie and saw that CBC footage, there would be a wallpaper-peeling session with O'Neil. No question. Moreno was completely on the ball, no ego, anything. All he wanted was HELP from his headset honcho. Pathetic display of coaching today.

You mean that's why there's always one guy wide open on every play?

NFL Europe Frankfurt Galaxy He won title Their.. Very Minor League Crap..

I don't Rod would come.
After being give golden hand shake in the off-season this past year.
He was given the boot for O'Neil

Rookie Coaches Rookie Players = 1 Win

Zeke Mike'd up:

" were all over out there, whats the play what going on? "



predscoachbrew wrote:

LOL You mean that's why there's always one guy wide open on every play? LOL
Correct. It is probably also why the Ticats have gone through five safeties this year (Shaw, Beveridge, Gauthier, Karikari, and Cody) and none of them could figure out how to play within this "system".

''call something, call anything ed, this is ridiculous"

Leaving aside the mic'd up stuff, the reality is that by game 10 even a last place team should be able to show progression. On the defensive side of the ball things have been getting progressively worse. The Argo's, with a bunch of rookie recievers shredded our secondary (again) and could have done much more had they needed to. With eight games left in the season the team needs to be able to accurately assess the players we have. Either we have (by a country mile) the worst collection of defensive players in the league or a coaching staff that can't game plan or teach, or a combination of both. Which is it? If Charlie and Marcel don't sort this out fast, we'll waste the remaining 8 games and begin next year with the same sad sack defense we have now. And that my firends will result in another season being over by Labour Day. The rest of the season cannot be wasted...

We have a few obvious problems on D:

-a D-Coordinator who is indecisive

-Cody should be moved back to halfback, replaced at safety by Beveridge or Gauthier

-Roberts is being being beat all over the field at HB. If the Cats are giving him (and Tiller/Clark) "experience" at HB so they can be better at it for next year, I suppose that is a good strategy. But honestly, I haven't seen Roberts make one play on a ball or break up one pass, and he's started at HB for three straight games. Isn't that a bad sign, re: his learning curve?

-Zero pressure on the QB, except for Wayne and Loescher. Bishop must have thought he was playing pitch and catch with his receivers IN PRACTICE during the game against the Ticats. We have to get in the opposing QB's face, and it's just not happeneing enogh now.

Should we not be begging Sudsy to come back into the fold? This is 4 years running now that I've pondered this very question.

I always get the vibe that there's some kind of burned bridge issue, but I've never heard that actually said. And if that is not the case, what's stopping the organization from pleading with him to return?

Fill that bus up with cash and drive it up to Sudsy's front door. Hold a candlelight vigil for him. Use the forbidden demographic as a scapegoat to mitigate whatever bad blood is preventing his return. Just get him back.

I think Sudsy decided to wind down his career a while back. No one would be happier than me if Sudsy somehow came back. I don't know where he's at in terms of making the full effort of being a fulltime defensive coordinator at the CFL level at this stage of his life. I would sign him in a heartbeat if he were game.

Deke McPhee would be an ideal consideration if made available from his current college coaching responsibilities. He worked many years under Sudsy and would be a good young d-coordinator in my judgement.

I am supporting Less Browne right now. I know it is a position he has expressed a desire to do in the past -- and he has the coaching experience and Steeltown resume to make an impact.

Oski Wee Wee,

This is the first time that this "MIC'D UP" feature has proven informative. Until now its been a complete waste of time on everybody's part. Last week they ran it and all we heard was a grunt.
I give Zeke Moreno an A for reaming out the DC for all to hear. Wonder if he will be reprimanded for it?


Yes he had a mic on. But since when in that environment does a player being honest and requiring BASIC PLAYCALLING HELP as per both men's job description get reprimanded? It's kind of hard to whisper sweet nothings through a headset in that reflexive frustration.

Moreno did the organization a favour. One way or another, I can assure you.

Oski Wee Wee,

(Oski-oui-oui) I am supporting Less Browne right now. I know it is a position he has expressed a desire to do in the past -- and he has the coaching experience and Steeltown resume to make an impact. Oski Wee Wee,
I'm with you on this one, Russ. In fact, I like all the candidates that were suggested including Less Browne, Bob Krouse, Deke McPhee, and Don Sutherin.

From these four, I would opt for Less Browne because of his recent CFL football savy, and because he was a great defensive player himself and because, I think he wants a career in coaching.

Less is still young, energetic and a leader and I think he's the ideal choice.

This being said, the team may not make any kind of move on this obvious problem right now, but I think they should.

As always, great posts, Russ!

When marshall said at the end of the season that he new he had to change the OC but waited till the end of the year it made me mad because they did not fix the problem in mid season but still took my money every game.
If they think they should change the DC do it now.

Easley would make it easier to do so if that were to happen, being in-house.

I would be satisfied with O'Neil being told straight up by Charlie to pick it up on the decision-making and playcall in no unceratin terms. If the defence can improve in its coordination and communication, he may be successful in keeping on staff in 2008. Interesting to watch.

Oski Wee Wee,

Tiller looked very good out there. He had one interception but should of hsd three. He got his hands on a lot of balls. He has been making plays since he has been in the league. Hamilton you might want to hang on to this guy.

Wasn’t it Tiller who got beat on two long plays?