D. Coordinator

Now we know what the problem with the D. is

O'Neill is not doing his job.

Fire O'Neill ............... Quick !!!!!

I second that, he just seems clueless. Moreno doens't seem to want any part of what he's doing.

I missed the "mic'ed up" what was said?

Moreno basically told him to call something, anything....

Yeah that seemed to be a bit of an issue. Especially when your leader on defense says "just call something...its rediculous"

yes..and the coaches answer was.."oh..were on defense? ????"DOH! :lol:

Moreno was complaining that O'neill wasn't giving him plays so that he could tell the rest of his guys...no wonder they all looked clueless...they were! They had no defensive play! How can that happen...someone has got to talk to O'neill about that and smarten him up a bit...thats just terrible coaching...he doesn't have any CFL experience prior to this season so where did he last coach? Mars?

I Agree, Let's Use defensive plays to help us next time.

Sudsy and Stubler and Ritchie and...a whole lot of coordinators who are successful share one thing in common: THEY HAVE A PHILOSOPHY, AN APPROACH, AND THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT TO DO IN WHATEVER SITUATION, BASED ON DOWN AND DISTANCE.

What I just witnessed was the defensive signalcaller revealing the biggest possible weakness you can have on a football team -- particularly a young one. How can you expect players to communicate when you aren't as a coordinator???

Less Browne would have plays up his sleeve by comparison, but I digress!

Moreno said it best: RIDICULOUS!

It's game ten and I'm getting misty-eyed for Kavis Reed. Scary.

8) Well, it sure was proven today that a lot of our defensive problems go straight back to the Def. Coord. Ed O'Neill !!! Twice during the game Zeke Moreno was yelling at him to send in the def. signals so that he could call them to his teammates !!! This is a real joke and inexcusable at this point of the season !!! O'Neill is a poor excuse of a coach for sure !!!!!!!

I do like our head coach but he needs to take a serious look at his assistants. I believe most need to be shown the door and replaced. Both coordinators have completely dropped the ball this season.

After this was revealed by the CBC, the camera focused on the DC and he looked so lost and dumbfounded.

He'll be gone.

Jim, even if I wiggle my pointed ears too much playing coach in Madden, I have more of a clue on what a coordinator MUST DO. The only way Moreno can adjust the pre-snap adjustments (and Tay for the DBs) is if a DAMN PLAY IS CALLED.

I am only a fan. I played a lot of sandlot in my time. I played safety a lot with my Italian homies. I had to make reads based on some kind of idea on what we had as a plan. This is pro football. The coordinator is paid to have an approach, make adjustments, and COMMUNICATE.

I am speechless.

Oski Wee Wee,

BTW: that was a reference to Kirk and I having this bond since my "Spockian eyebrow" reference some weeks back. I have regular Scot non-pointy, not jughead ears. LOL

While Ed O'Neil is a very experienced coach and was a successful defensive co-ordinator in NFL Europe, he seems to be having trouble devising defensive schemes to get pressure on the opposing quarterback and to cover the extra receiver (i.e. the 12th man) in the CFL game.

In the interim, Coach Taaffe should ask special teams coach Dave Easley, a former CFL defensive back who was a defensive co-ordinator with the B.C. Lions in 1997 and the Ottawa Renegades in 2002, to work more closely with O'Neil and his assistant coaches to improve the defensive coverage schemes.

You and O'Neill both.

Moreno: CALL A PLAY!

O'Neil: Cover...ummm... uh


In the NFL, you have dithering for about 5 seconds, max. In the CFL, you dither for that length of time, your grapefruits are being spiked in your end zone.

I'm in agreement with Nesliner on this one. Fire O'neill now.
Its bad enough we have to wait for rookie players to develop, but there is no we should viable reason we should have to tolerate an underdeveloped DC.

Get rid of him now (providing a replacement can be found) and start preparations for 2008.

Less Browne on line one -- PLEASE LMAO

Let me add that the Argos were without Arland Bruce and Tony Miles. Today's outcome could've been worse.

An Argo-Cat fan