D. Bell envisions being like Calvillo or Ray

that's a tall order for anybody, but I wish him luck. :thup:

“Yeah, I would love to stay in this league – I’ve been up here for a while watching guys,? Bell said. “I feel like I’ve got a decent grasp on this now, and it’s a matter of going out and showing it. I want to make a career out of it up here, eventually be like Anthony Calvillo or Ricky Ray. I’m ready to start, I’m prepared.?
[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/dalton-bell-eyes-one-last-shot/article2223383/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le2223383/[/url]

Well that's the right attitude to have so can't really fault him for that. Although, he might not want to start by throwing touchdowns instead of interceptions.

"eventually be like Anthony Calvillo or Ricky Ray"

Good luck with that ....

Note to Dalton:

you need to be a decent QB first before you have dreams like that.

nothing wrong with his comment. Why shouldnt he have such aspirations? Doesnt or shouldnt everybody? or do many of you aspire to be crappy at what you do?

every QB wants to be like AC or Ricky Ray (at least once they get to the CFL). Dalton Bell probably will not.. but obviously that's how you want him to be setting his goals. Bell has the right attitude anyway. However he obviously has his work cut out for him now, he'll be lucky to see next year. This week's game is a must-perform for him.

of course.
And I hope his dreams and aspirations are fulfilled.

Never have I wished ill will on any quarterback/player in this league and it always saddens me to see players who don't make the cut.

When Cleo Lemon was released by the Argos, I actually emoted sympathy for him ( I may be the only one who did) and hoped he would find work elsewhere regardless of his tirades/antics.
And the fact that his wife recently had a newborn just increased my solace. :frowning:

With the 2 below average years as a virtual backup only, it's unlikely he will be invited to camp next year as being a FA.

If Bell has a fantastic game tonight, Barker (if still around) may invite him back.
This game could make or break his career depending on how he performs.

He`s got the right attitude! I will be pulling for him

i hope he does well…just not well enough to win.

i don’t want to see an 8-10 team ( hamilton ) playing for the grey cup.

I wouldn't be worried about that, getting to the GC means they have to play two good games in a row. When has Hamilton been able to do that this year?

in weeks 3,4, and 5
and weeks 13 and 14 :smiley:

Bell was 12 for 22 for 216 yds. 2TD's and 2 INT's

Not a bad game, but will it be enough for T.O. to keep him around next season... :?

Decent game for Bell, considering he has no one to throw to in Toronto (both Dunigan and Climie said as much at halftime, and IMO they were right on). The Argos can experiment with all the QBs they want, but until and unless that receiving corps improves, it won't make a lick's worth of difference.

true..and surprisingly, Mann caught just one pass for 14 yds last night.
Thought he may be an integral piece of the receiving corps although not certain anymore...

I wish we hadn't traded Bell to the Argos. The jury is still out if he can be a starter but I would have loved to see him backing up Durant over Dinwiddie.

Mann will help, but they still lack a true no. 1 receiver. Every other team has one:

BC: Simon
Edmonton: Stamps
Calgary: Lewis
Saskatchewan: Fantuz
Winnipeg: Edwards
Hamilton: debatable right now, but Williams is likely the guy
Montreal: Richardson

Barker needs to scout the hell out of the US college system and try to find a game-breaker at receiver. You bring that guy in and Mann, Copeland, and Durie will instantly benefit.

Agreed with all your points DaP...except one :slight_smile:

Dare I say that Dressler may be the Riders #1 guy now.. :o

The rest are spot on. :thup:

Dressler's a great player, but IMO his small stature is going to hold him back from being a real no. 1. DBs are now so physical that unless you have a guy like Fantuz drawing the coverage, a smaller receiver isn't always going to be open. Even Cahoon needed guys like Copeland, Watkins, Richardson, and Green to play alongside him. But Dressler is a helluva player, very fun to watch. :thup: