D a "work in progress" again

I am so tired of hearing this regarding our defence. I hope these guys who are injured and competing for spots get it done so we can stop wondering who is playing where.

This is why my excitement for the offensive acquisitions are tempered.

A lot of uncertainty, on the D-line, D-backs and the o-line.

And, all new systems and coaches yet again.

Yeah thats the writing on the wall for another typical 9-9 Ticats season. Defense takes you past .500 and wins you championships (real obvious but broken record), unless Burris and crew score 45 pts a game this year, we won't win too many games :cry:

I think we're going to see several fairly high scoring (for and against), "edge-of-your seat", "down to the last play" affairs this season.

My feeling is that when Hamilton wins, they'll win big -- post up 35+ points, win by a comfortable margin, essentially blow out their opposition. But when they lose, they'll be losing high-scoring shootouts. Any game in which both defenses are keeping the score low favors Hamilton IMO.

Unlike receivers and RBs, it seems to be quite the challenge to find sold D-linemen and defensive backs. I'm hoping that Casey Creehan sets up defensive schemes that play to the strengths of the individual players rather than have them buy into a system that might not suit their playing abilities. Otherwise we'll have that constant revolving door like last year with Chamblin.

So far Creehan has been preaching a pressure defense with man coverage, much like Chamblin did last year. To me this does not bode well for our defense as we don't have the pass rush or the secondary to be able to play this way. Greg Marshall was criticised for his "bend don't break" type of offense that would give up the short plays and defend against the big ones, and hope the opposition's offense would make a mistake before moving all the way to the endzone. The fact of the matter is the players we had on defense then were were not capable of playing a pressure system. I believe the same can be said now.

I am also expecting some high scoring football games this year. This will be exciting until the playoffs which is when defense rules. I can't believe the number of quality DBs we have let go over the past 10 years, and year after year we don't go after proven DBs during Free Agency. The CFL is a passing league and if you want to stop the other team from passing, is it not best to get players who can defend against it? We love to sign all these great receivers, running backs, defensive ends, and linebackers. There are plenty of these players available, but there are a limited number of DBs who can play CFL football.