Cynamon to jump ship ?

I have heard through the "grape"vine through a very reliable football source that David Cynamon is frustrated with his own inability to successfully run a football team. He is growing tired of the big bucks that he is losing as a result of his own ineffectiveness. Sugar and spice and everyting nice, that's what little girls are made of. Enjoy your morning run "David", it sounds like you have plenty to think about.

Argos $U(K..............

Do I hear the MLSE train coming down the track again.
But if the Argos can't break even drawing close to 30,000 plus a couple of Mil in TV and sponsorship money, it doesn't look good for the league.
The rumors are still out there about MLSE buying into the Argos at some date.

They should be fine once the salary cap kicks in. The problem right now is they are way over it. Who will they keep and who will they have to let go. If TO doesn't have a big name player they don't draw that extra few thousand fans. My my what a pickle. Me thinks they really need to win the Grey Cup this year.

They were also confident of getting a new venue when he purchased the team.

I remember their season ticket promotion about buy now, and get first dibs in the new stadium.

Could have save alot by not bring williams in.

DoubleBlue wrote: doesn't look good for the league.
Perhaps it doesn't look good on the overspending the Argos are doing, or as well, the amount of money the TV networks pay to carry CFL games. Ah, but of course, as usual people like to blame the league for absolutely 100 percent of everything negative. I see, I gotcha, same old, same old.