Cycling to the game Saturday!

I'm coming in from Aldershot GO station..... I've had enough of racing back downtown early to catch the last express to Toronto.... missing the fourth quarter!

Anyone out there have a place in their yard to leave a bike near the stadium? I'll pay the usual parking fee. Just wanna' know that it'll be safe!

Game time Saturday is an early 6pm, so you should have enough time to get the T.O. express.

if you catch the cannon 3 or barton 2 after the game they both take you into the go centre downtown so you will have only about a 50 foot walk to catch the go bus back to TO, DON'T FORGET YOUR TICAT TKT IS FREE ON THE HSR GAME DAY from 3pm to end of service

If you're still going to bike down, send me a PM. I live nearby. You can keep the bike inside my house.