Cybulski and Co, people call in about Argos

I was listening to the Cybulski and company podcast, and he was asking people to call in to explain why they don't go to Argos Games. It was the usual responses i'm a NFL snob, why would I watch these 2nd rate players play blah,blah,blah,blah. I get so frustrated when i hear these people speak. I grew up in Ontario going to Ticat games and i managed to get some of my friends to become fans of this league, but they had a opened mind to it and were not big football fans, but now are fans of the Ticats. If people are NFL fans first your not going to change their opinion to accepting the CFL, it just wont happen. People need to take their friends that don't watch football to a game and hopefully they will enjoy their time and become fans of our great league. I can enjoy both leagues, i like the game of football but i Love CFL football, I just wish people were more open minded to the league (in Ontario) Rant over

Maybe his second question should have been Why aren't people going to the Bills game either :wink:

Excellent point, but you will never hear that here in the center of the wannabe universe.
Ah yes papering the house by the Rogers crooks.

these people are big jokes

the argos are a good (so far) team in THE 2ND BEST FOOTBALL LEAGUE IN THE WORLD (and most entertaining in my opinion)

The TFC meanwhile, are the joke of the league in the 5th best soccer league in the world. Yet people have no problem talking about supporting them.

We aren't americans. Its called the NFL for a reason, the NATIONAL in nfl is for USA, the C in CFL is for canada.
Gawd, biritsh premier league fans don't complain that they shouldn't watch their soccer because the EPL is better.

Not to get technical, but we are Americans. We live in North America after all. And at 1-1, it is a little soon to say the Argos are a good team. They were 1-1 after two weeks last year too and we all know how last year ended. Also, the British premier league is the EPL.

Having said all that, I don't understand people who rag on the CFL -- for the record, I don't understand people who rag on the NFL either -- and I think it comes from people just being ignorant about the CFL product. But you're not going to convince those that have already made their minds up that the CFL is second rate. Let them live in their ignorance while we can enjoy the product.

People have their opinions. Ask me why you'd have to pay me to go to a Leafs, Jays or Raps game, it's 2nd rate entertainment for me. I love gridiron, CFL first, NFL second and just about any gridiron league after that ie. CIS, NCAA. NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS is for this guy 2nd rate, to each his own. Maybe I'm a bit of a gridiron snob and maybe not a "true Canadian" liking the CFL and NFL over the NHL. That's the way it is. Everyone can have their own opinion on these things.

But if there was a call in show as to why I don't go to a Leafs or Jays game or Raps game, I would hope I'd have enough class to not phone in. No sense phoning in if you're not a fan I would say.

people thinking the CFL is second rate and therefore not worth their time is KILLING the league.
People need to see the truth for the long term health of the league

I respectfully disagree Marc. The only truth in entertainment is what you like for whatever reason, and what you don't like for whatever reason. Sure, many of us here see the cultural aspect in the CFL but many don't and really they don't have to, they are not obliged to in the least. Just like a music group from Canada, I don't need to go to a concert or buy a CD or download stuff just because the group is Canadian. And I don't have to like hockey just because it's the most popular sport, most would say, in Canada.

Marc if you feel that way stop cheering for the Leafs. You're a leafs with a league that has its HQ in NYC, you're in no position to be telling people what to like.

What many CFL fans also forget is that we have a national sport; hockey and as such that is Canadian enough for most. We all know that Ontario has a CFL problem, because that's the center of hockey culture, 30 percent of the players in each draft come from the GTA. In ontario its hockey, hockey, hockey and then the american leagues.

Absolutely Marc.

As someone so poignantly stated on another site; the problem lies not with the "FL", yet with the "C"

Far too many Canadians view an exclusive indigenous sport as an inferior product to the "Big Boys"
(even with the variances)
It is not about the game any longer, it is about the fame.. the glitz, the glamour, the nice shiny package.

the game is just an afterthought for many.

Not sure how to alter this perception, except to suggest viewing a CFL few games in it's entirety.
There is no denying this game of ours can be capricious and thrilling as heck.

Killing the league? This isn't 1994 anymore; the league is doing great. Toronto and Hamilton are really the only two struggling franchises, and Hamilton might not be for long with the new stadium. The sky is not falling and people not liking the CFL is not killing the league.

But say you are right and the league is being killed by these people, what do you plan to do about it? Coming on here and complaining about it is preaching to the converted. We're already fans and see what is great about the league. So what plan(s) do you have to try to convince those that don't like the CFL to give it a chance? If you're as concerned as you seem to be, what are you going to do try and change this perception?

It really has nothing to do with the Fans, the media who are controlled by corporations like Rogers want the NFL for the advertising. get a few Rogers employees to call in and like sheep people will think its the best thing since sliced bread.

If the NHL split into two completely separate leagues, one in Canada and one in the U.S., dare I say fan interest here may wane to some degree over time.
Many fans would eventually subscribe to the U.S. elitism of salaries paid, TV contract revenues, number of teams, American cultural influence, international media exposure, corporate presence etc etc and finally subsequent belief of an inferior product to our American cousins.

Independence, patriotism and cultural integrity are diminishing at a disconcerting rate. :frowning:

Why waste the effort on that when you could pay people to go to NFL Bills games.

I have also said that an all Canadian league would be the death of hockey, because then it would not be an option to make millions. There is no way an all Canadian NHL would have a 50 million cap. And an Economic downturn? forget about it. Canadian Youth, Like British and Australian Youth want the fun, the paycheck, the high class money and party.

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I'm trying.

I would also like to mention that lacrosse, not hockey, is canada's national sport, and the poor NLL is doing worse than the CFL at this point.

Hockey was only made national "winter" sport after some politician realized it was ridiculous that hockey wasn't our national sport.

The argos don't listen to any suggestions their fans give them. They think they know better ( and how's that working for them? )
You can find the best answer, and the argos won't implement the changes.
Sad but true.

If i was a owner of a CFL team i would be all over this site , companies pay millions for the kind of info that is dumped on here everyday.