Cyborg vs Nunes (UFC 232)

Big nite in LA last nite - Amanda Nunes pulled it off and shed the air of invincibility, destroying Cris “Cyborg” Santos in 51 seconds. Nunes rocked Cyborg several times before Cyborg went down for good and the ref stepped in to prevent further major damage.

Nunes is now the biggest thing in UFC/MMA - obliterating Ronda Rousey in 48 seconds, now needing an additional 3 sec. to vanquish invincible Cyborg.

Funny old world - Nunes was the 135 lb. fighter stepping up to fight a bigger, slightly taller girl at 145. However at weigh-ins Nunes was exactly 145, Cyborg in at 144.5.

Question now is whether Cyborg joins her former arch-enemy Rousey at WWE to make a ton of money from the McMahons. Perhaps a rematch with Nunes first, who knows but Cyborg coming into WWE after a brief 3 month training program would give Rousey another needed foil - and Rousey has been doing very well in WWE where events are scripted and controlled to cover her weak chin and obvious lack of real fighting skills.

Nunes stepping up to 145 also seems to seal the fate of the 115, 125 & 135 weight classes as she’s queen of the pen now. Here’s a low-grade youtube of last nite’s fight fyi. Cyborg really didn’t know what hit her. Can’t decide who looked worse for weaer after goin’ thru the Nunes-shredder - CYborg or Rousey. Still have to give the nod to Rousey - she looked horrid after being taken out in 3/4 of a minute . . . .

Just saw the highlights this morning, tough cookies.

Nunes is bigger and more powerful than her cutie-pie image. She’s a slugger to be sure - and she manages to connect and connect early & often.

Ronda Rousey looked like she didn’t know if she was foot or horseback after Nunes disposed of her in short order.

Cyborg lasted a whole 3 seconds longer than Rousey - but was flatted to the canvas at least twice.

I suspect Rousey is actually happy that Nunes disposed of Cyborg like yesterday’s garbage. Makes Rousey’s loss to a monster like Nunes appear somewhat palatable (more like explainable) if even the mighty Cyborg couldn’t stand up to Nunes in the octagon. Now, Cyborg is appealing to Poobah Dana White for a re-match.

I’d prefer watch Nunes take on Hollywood Holly Holm one more time - or even Rousey, full of fake confidence by spending a full year under WWE fight-scripting decides she can take on Nunes again.

You mean “wrastling? whereby one can make good money and still keep their senses!