CWH For ESF on Sunday?!

Would be great to see the Lancaster do a flyover pre- game just wondering if the Ticats organized anything for the game as the Bulldogs are having Military night tonight! The Lancaster bomber would set the tone Sunday and give us luck :thup:

Weather permitting it is scheduled to fly at CWH Remembrance Day ceremonies on Monday so a preliminary warm up flight would be good practice.


Either the Lanc or the B-25 would do: the Cats have winning records when either of these 2 fly over pre-game. (The Harvard has the worst record: please: no Harvard!)

Having either of the big bombers would do well to remind us of why we wear the poppies, not a bad idea! However, having Superman or even Iron Man fly over and do a couple of loops will not make any difference on the field. I'm a little nervous about this one as the scales are evenly balanced, could go either way. Lots of confidence in the Cats as I think they are highly motivated in front of their home fans and, in spite of what Austin tells them, still have Oct 20 on their minds.
Going to be a close one, but I think the Cats are due.