Cvetkovic out for season

From the FP:

Meanwhile, LaPolice confirmed that Chris Cvetkovic, their veteran long-snapping specialist, will be lost for the season with a knee injury.

That's too bad for Cvetkovic. He's a leader in the dressing room. Lucky for us Bestard looked good doing the long snapping after Cvetkovic was hurt.

Ahhhh...that sucks for Cvetty...come back next season, Chris.

What a great name!

Is his nickname 'Inglorious Bestard'??

For a big guy, Bestard can get down field pretty quickly on special teams, should be fun to watch him.

Did you listen to the game in Hamilton on the radio? On one punt play when Bestard was the first guy downfield and made the tackle, Irving and Tait couldn't believe a centre could be the that fast. :smiley:

Bestard left it all on the field in doubt!

I'll be looking for more of the same from this kid when the real season starts! :thup: