cutting the team down by Saturday..anyone want to try??

Well two pre season games are in the books and we seen a lot of the rookies play and what they can do…Does anyone want to take a crack at the final roster adding injured reserve and the practice roster.

I would love to see Crockett, Tucker and Acklin kept on this team and possibly even Sumpter on the injured reserve.

I also think we need to keep both quarterbacks. Dane Evans and Hayden Moore were impressive overall. They still need work but they weren’t bad.

So who are your picks for this team ??


I agree with all this.

I would also keep Janarion Grant. He seemed to have some pretty good jukes in his return game. Between him and Frankie Williams they should get us good field position for the offence to start with.

Another guy that stood out was Tyrice Beverette. He seems to have a good level of compete and actually led the team with 5 tackles.

Yeah i really liked Tyrice Beverette. He stood out tonight also.

I don’t know whats going on with Dylan Wynn but I hope hes not being released even though we haven’t seen him in pre season. I’m worried about his previous history of injuries.

I also think Justin Sumpter played really well before he was injured and depending on how long hes out for I would like to see him on the injured reserve for us. Nothing wrong with some extra receivers on top of the ones I mentioned.

I wasn’t sure about Richard Leonard but after the interception tonight, maybe he will redeem himself in the backfield. I also like Adeleke over Daly. I thought James Allen looked pretty good at times and he was an alright kick returner.

We have some big decisions but I think Sean Thomas Erlington and James Bennett will be in our starters at running back but I’m not too sure about the other guys or even Cameron Marshall who we haven’t seen at all. I was hoping to see what he had to offer.

I’ll take the different route here and say who I think should be cut. Not sure how many are needed but here goes. Some are more glaring than others but yeah.
James Allen - Constantly getting beat last week and aside from another near pick 6 this week, it was more of the same for Allen.

Desmon White - Showed absolutely nothing yesterday that showed me he deserves to be here.

Kelvin Palmer - Very noticeable when this man was in the game, thats not a good thing for an OL.

Gordon Whyte - Played some FB last night and looked completely lost on the field. Not sure about his LS but seems like a project at best on O.

Brian Jones - His career stats are pitiful and its easy to see why. Slow, average at best route running, decent hands. Not enough to hold a roster spot unfortunately.

Michael Domagala - I think this is more to the credit of Lirim who I think solidified his job last night.

Maurice Carnell IV - Didnt impress through two games and unfortunately thats what you need to do to get a shot in a heavily stacked secondary.

Jones is 6’4" 230 lbs former 4th overall draft pick. Pretty sure he has at least decent speed.

And there are no QB cuts required or coming. They only have 3.

The release of Avery Jordan earlier in the week solidifies Palmer likely as a backup tackle.

Jones was signed because he plays special teams - replacement for Timmis who was not re-signed.

Carnell IV might be a back up HB behind Brooks but could be a cut.

Whyte might be a back up LS - could also be a PR guy.

No guarantee that they’ll keep a second kicker but I liked what I saw from Domagala so he might be a PR player.

I find it really hard to predict who will go and stay aside from the obvious starters who have their positions solidified, and you know that there will always be a surprise or two. Tough couple of days for the coaches and players who are on the bubble.

Seems like there actually is a kicking surplus in the league, hopefully we can hold on to Domagala and develop him further.

I will start off by saying I think it’s a poor move to start a national Running Back as Sean Thomas-Erlington is a great backup but not a starter in the CFL.We are starting 8 nationals instead of the minimum required 7. We should start national Westerman at DE and then go with an import running back like Lawry or Cam Marshall and go with all import receivers. We could sign free agent Weslon Dressler to take one spot and Acklin can have the other.
Mike Daly and his lack of speed showed up again and he has handed over his starting safety spot to Adeleke. Daly will stay as a backup and solid special teamer.

I think International DE Mauldin could beat out Tracy as our 2knd DE.

I feel DB Leonard had a bad year last year at halfback and has not started welk this year. I think either Mitchel , Hurst or F.Williams should have the starting spot over Leonard. I would actually cut Leonard in favor of the 3 guys mentioned.

Brian Jones should be cut also but since he plays special teams they may keep him around. I hope I am wrong.

#39 DB James Allen will get cut he was burned often.

#81 WR White will get cut as he has shown nothing.

The kicker Domaglia will get cut unless they stash him on the practice Roster.

DB Ross will be cut as he got burned a few times.

LB Import Leslie will get cut because he has been outplayed by #34 import LB Beverice.

It would appear that #34’s solid lb play and special teams play will cause Wacha to be cut and LB Frey has,looked good at MLB and special teans.
Tuggle has not looked good at MLB and could get beaten out by Frey and Beverice.

I think international db’s Allingsworth, Dempsey and Richardson will be cut.

I think DE Howsare will be cut in favor of Mauldin.

Out of all the Olineman other than the startes all will be cut except national Girard, Okafor and Gibbon and International OT Palmer will stay and all other international olineman will be cut.

I think import receivers Acklin, Tucker, Addison, Crocket,Tasker, Banks will stay and the rest will go.
Mike Jones and Ungurer will be the loan national receivers.

I think Internation DT Wynn will start and they will keep Dean around as a backup DT.

I think our new kick returner will get cut in favor of F. Williams

I think national DB,Safety, SAM and RB Jackson Bennett will make the team because he is good on specials and,can backup many spots

national DE Mcgeough and safety Langa should make the team because of their solid special teams play

The big nation hungarian #84 2knd round pick TE/ FB will make the team for short yardage and,red zone blocking as well as great Special Teams play.

Potential shocking cuts some because of salary are :


Your points make alot of sense. I agree

Nice long post JennyCat. Very thorough. Reminds me of some other posters around here like Gerbear and OskieG.

I agree with your overall assessment but you have got one tiny mistake. Our rookie FB Kalinic #84 is actually of Serbian nationality. :slight_smile:

We need Wynn and Westerman to store up the D-line, so Westerman should stay. The D-line
was just terrible against the Argos.

Well he looks like a big Hungarian. ;D

Sean Thomas-Erlington deserves to start. The kid runs hard, can catch the ball and can block. He also has two backups in Bennett and Irons. We will be going Canadian at tailback. The more Canadian tailbacks getting an opportunity, the better.

I see the witness protection program has struck again . Oh my God ! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

Well I’ll take a crack at predicting the final 46 as well as the PR and IL . I’m not entirely sure how the roster restrictions are now with this silly Ambrosie 2.0 Mexican thing so my roster will be consistent with what has been required the past few seasons which are 3 QB’s / 21 Cdn / 20 Imp / 2 reserves .
My PR will be showing a total of 10 players of which a minimum of 4 must be Cdn . As for my IL ? it will be pretty much pure speculation . Import players will be shown with an * and starters will be shown with a (s) . Noted vets who I think will be cut include J.Westerman , C.Marshall , B.Golding and I.Faciane .

Okay here goes…

Active 46 man roster

Offence (22)

qb…J.Masoli* (s)

rb…ST.Erlington (s)

wr/sb…J.Acklin* (s)
…M.Jones (s)

ol…M.Filer (s)
…D.Ciraco (s)
…R.Mathews* (s)
…C.Vanzeyl (s)

Defence (22)

…J.Davis* (s)

dt…T.Laurent (s)
…D.Wynn * (s)

…J.Tuggle* (s)
…R.Murray* (s)

db…D.Breaux* (s)
…R.Leonard* (s)
…J.Rolle* (s)
…A.Adeleke (s)



Practice Roster (10)





Guess we find out later today

Hopefully a good place to find roster cuts of all teams.

LMAO !!! I’m dying here , Mike Sherman listed under Montreal cuts . ;D ???I’ve seen it all now . ???

Well on my predicted 46 active I didn’t do too bad . I successfully had 42 of the 46 . I missed out on WR Jaelin Acklin and KR/WR Janarion Grant who both were placed on the PR and LB Lucas Wacha and DT Justin Vaughan who were both released . I have to admit that I’m more than a little surprised that Acklin didn’t make the active roster and a little surprised at Justin Vaughan not making the team this year .