Cutting back beer at games

What do you guise think? Its going to be a big issue for teams. If they get a cut of beer sales, the last thing they want to do is restrict it in anyway because of how much money can be made. The vast majority of people who drink at games only have a few, its the 10-15 or so who get stupidly drunk and really don't care that much about the game. It wouldn't be hard to restrict it but is that the answer?

why cant people who buy beer at games drink pop instead?

Yeah, and have people sneak liqour into games again?

You could limit the number of drinks people are allowed to have.. say 3 per game.

maybe they should sell it cheaper, and sell it more watered down and also allow people to buy more.

let's increase the people in the seats.

BUT.. cut off sales before the 3rd qtr begins.

Too much $$$ to be made on the liquor sales. If people want to get drunk they will get drunk regardless of whether or not you're selling it to them, so why not make some money off it?

Cutting back:Yes.
Cutting out:No.

I say whomever buys a beer gets a card with a certain # of circles on it.Each time they get a drink a circle get's coloured in and when all the circle's are filled, no more.And you can only get a card within 10 minute's after the opening kick off.Yes, they can just take the card's off of their friend's and such, but it's not bad as a preliminary idea.Having drink's at a game is a great tradition but going there to purposely get plastered and cause trouble has gotta stop.

Or have an army of cops doing road side checks as vehicles leave the stadium parking lot!

So long as a fan is behaving and NOT DRIVING, I have no issue with how much beer they have at a game. But I do believe the time has come for a campaign blitz that if fans don't police themselves and behave responsibly this coming season, that it may be time to alter the beer sales policies.

Maybe only sell beer to the start of the 3rd?

On this one of course I had to defer and punt to The Most Interesting Man In The World for guidance.

Consider also the matter of rollerblading:

The answer is "No. Stay Thirsty My Friends."

(Always room for Slow Time Beer Talk if you are not drinking too you know)

at a given game you have say 30 000 fans. lets say roughly 15 000 of those drink. Then you have a few dozen that become asses (tops). How does that make sense? this is like 0.13% of fans, and 0.25% of drinking fans that are causing issues. So you want to implement rules on the other 99.8% of the fans who can drink and not be an ass? how do you justify this crusade?

Perhaps you should learn to deal with people in society. I have been to slightly more than 200 CFL games, and never had an issue. If I told someone to tone down language or something, they respected that. on one occasion, I waived over security. The guy was better after that. If he wasn’t he would be gone. Get a backbone and say something instead of sitting there and putting up with it. If you are uncomfortable saying something, ask someone sitting near you to…they will…I have done it for people before. OR call security. Security will warn once, then remove from facility. They don’t f around now adays.

But fine…I want to start a petition that anyone who gets mad that someone stands to cheer at some point be REQUIRED to drink. Maybe they will get off their hands for a while. I freaking hate sitting infront of these people. I don’t want to be an ass and ruin their time, but at the same time…stay home. I am there to stand and cheer and have a good time, not hold down a seat.

That is the beauty of a Rider game. The tailgate has a beer garden. I want to make a day of a game. I travel 6 hours. If I can’t drink or am restricted, I probably don’t go, yet I have never ever caused even the remotest issue when drinking, so why are you wanting to punish me? Why do I choose to drink beer instead of pop? because I don’t have a stick up my but. If you are afraid to deal with society, then don’t…stay home.

I like the idea of more stop checks. I am shocked they don't do them more. As for the beer sales ending in the that point is 2 more beers going to make that big of a difference? if you buy 2 beers a quarter, that is 8 beer. Most people who are slamming them back like that can handle it. Almost every person I have ever seen cause issues at a game was drunk before kickoff. They drank at home or in a pub, then came out. Changing how/when booze is sold will not will just lose some concession sales is all. Have you ever noticed that at LEAST 1/2 of all incidents happen in the 1st half. that is because they are showing up preloaded.

Why do people need to be controlled for the amount of alcohol they consume at a game shouldn't common sense dictate if you need to be told at a football game you have had to much to drink then you got a problem .
I have issues with the guy that will stand up during game play and try to give his buddy a bear hug while slopping beer on everyone around him, or how about the Guy who thinks he's Jerry Seinfeld and tries doing a stand-up routine during the Game.
I think most of these Guys are the ones their Wives never let out or the Kids the parents kept in a bubble, now that they get some freedom it's just a frenzy of monumental proportions.

This ought to be a shot in the arm for ticket sales!

"Hey Bill, wanna come with me to the game Friday night?"

"Sure! What time shall I tell the Mrs I'll be home?"

"Oh, I dunno, I can probably have you back by about 10:30 or so. Wait. They're doing a police road check outside the stadium for 10,000 cars. You'll probably be home after midnight."

What's wrong with just increasing security inside the stadiums? As long as there's a police/security presence in the stands and in the concourse areas, drunken rowdies shouldn't be a big issue - or if they are, they can be swiftly dealt with.

Exactly rhymes. It's just a few that spoil it, like hockey games, baseball games, concerts you name it, some people just go overboard and need to be dealt with, on site.

people who cant go to an event without drinking alcohol are as pathetic as crackheads.

Along the lines of this fine comment, especially here in the US and I am not sure about there, there is way too much emphasis on penalising the rest of the class instead of all the douchebag bojack loser (expletive tirade) crowd, which is seemingly congregating not just in bad neighbourhoods but also at some Wal-Marts in the last decade down here.

Since I have been in grade school, there has been and is no dwindling shortage of do-gooder political (expletives) to attempt to hike their power and budget at the collective expense of the good folks and students and under the guise of “national security” and “safety” and other lofty political rhetoric seldom experienced on the ground by the common non-douchebag man or woman.

And so if you buy into such antics to “protect us” when the focus ought to be on routine and heavily severe punishment of grievous offenders, there will be more than just less beer and whisky for all of us at games whether you like it or not.

And of course the offenders do not, cannot, and will not follow any such damn rules anyway such that they will continue to enjoy what will be amiss for the rest of us! :roll:

Ah, but those who can't control their consumption ought to be treated far more severely rather than meting out punishment broadly for those who are prepared to imbibe and accept any and all consequences of overdoing it.

Whatever they take from you if you are accountable and responsible for your behaviour whether or not under the influence, don't forget they never stop and won't stop looking for something else to take from you as well.

All I can say is the Americans sure know how to host a sporting event I've been to many and have never seen any problems and the Booze is flowing much more freely then in Canada.
Why is it different? I would say the government has too much control just look how they ruined a bunch of fans tailgating at Empire, in the US it's encouraged. there are tons of food venders around the stadiums in the US, not in Canada If you want to eat it will cost you 10 bucks for a hotdog i've seen in the US 2 bucks for Hotdog with many other things way cheaper so if your a young male with $50 dollars in your pocket you would probably spend most of it on Booze but if the food was a reasonable price you may spend some of it on a hotdog or burger which may help with absorbing the Alcohol.

We have a higher % of alcohol in our beers I believe.

A lot of people believe that. But I believe this belief is a result of the fact that in Canada (and most of the rest of the world), the percent alcohol is alcohol by volume, whereas in the US it is (often? always?) alcohol by weight. A 5% alcohol-by-volume is roughly equivalent to a 4% alcohol-by-weight. Thus differences between Canadian and American labelling practice makes our beers look stronger, when in fact they're more or less the same strength as theirs.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.My friend told me about it and I wasn't too sure about it until I google'd it and the 4% in Amer beer.