Looks like some of the boys didnt perform up to snuff against the Als and have been sent packing:


Sunday, June 4, 2006 - 11:20AM

WINNIPEG ( wire) -- The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced today that they have released 14 players from training camp.

They include slotbacks Casey Allen, Jeff Schieman and Adrian Madise, offensive linemen Ryan Bisson, Ryan Bachman and Tyler Tapp, linebackers Santino Hall, Travis Ortega, and Scott Mennie, defensive linemen Martin Lapostolle and Demetrius Shambley, defensive backs Brad Franklin and Boyd Barrett and running back Tellis Redmon.

Ortega and Hall will get picked up

i dont understand why they ut madise or casey allen before they cut chad remple.and why on earth are the putting ron okimey in the safety position. i think grant will do okay there, but ockimey? i say throw ockimey and green in at OLB. put grant in at safety, or maybe ian logan will come out and impress, hopefully he does. we have lots of room to go with an american at safety though. we can go 5 NI O-Line, 2 NI DT, we also have regy for fullback, stoddard or franklin for reciever, and adrian baird for linebacker. lots of room, now carter at linebacker to. but i really dont see why they moved ockimey out at safety, that really confuses me. i was also disapointed they cut santino hall. but i guess we just have that much talent that Hall was in the bottom of the pack, which is great. but i think hall would have made a good safety.

Why did they pull Scott Mennie? the BBs rep from the U of Manitoba? did he do that badly?

...Scott had lots of hustle...but i think his lack of experience....not ability cost him...Lapostelle is a surprise cut....the american receivers i can see...because we have lots of depth in that area..shame about Barrett and Franklin...but their game didn't impress the coaches...I agree Ortega will get picked up and probably Tellis Redmon...these guys had a good camp...Santino Hall played himself off of the club...with the blown coverage in the pre-season opener...we seen too much of that last year...the next cuts are going to be even tougher to make and we are getting down to count-down.. :o

you think that Lapostelle will get picked up?

and I hope that Scott gets back with the Bombers at some point, but now he needs to find another job with the other Clubs or with Ottawa next season.

I knew he was on the ropes, and he needed to step it up if he hoped to play for the Bombers this season, guess he did''t do that last game.

Today is the a matter of hours we see the new face of the Bombers for this season.....who do you think will be walking....

Looks like the qb situation is clearer.....KG has always been the starter, but I think Quinn has unseated Michna as #2....Michna could be shown the door with Banks our work in progress #3..

Safety and OLB are the big questions idea how they are leaning there..

Receiver is pretty set....except for Thurman and McCord.....Third was right, McCord does have the droppsies.....

RB....Charlie, like he had any need to sweat it....Childs injury could be problem....the blob may stick around because of it....

Cant wait to hear the axe fall later today......

...looks to me like the axe is gonna fall on Michna....swing around and MIGHT ..lop off Onterrio ....but i hope not looks as though he may be on the proverbial bubble though....its going to be tough to see some of these guys headed for the airport..but thats the downside of a pro career.. :?

Tellis Redman, Is A Great Back, Formur Baltimore Raven, Although Never Playing An A Regular Season Game, And Not Totaly Making The Team As Well (Practice Squad)But In College, My Cousin Played Against Him, And He Racked Up Alil Over 160 Yards On About 12 Rushes.... Oh And A TD... He Totaly Tore It Up Out There.. Anyway, Wait Till Tellis Redman Gets His Shot... Future Full Season CFL Starting RB Next Year... Whatever Team He's On They Win It All.. The Big Booming Grey... F*ing Cup!!! LOL... Void This message, I Was Bored... LOL...