There were also a couple of drops by right in his hands that would have likely gone for a TD.

I agree with you on Wolfe. I thought he'd make the roster but it seems that OS has a preference for a more experienced player; thus the signings of Tisdale and Ellis who both have CFL experience. If Tisdale hasn't managed to clean up his penchant for DI and illegal contact penalties though Wolfe could be brought back or s you suggest if injuries begin to test the depth of the roster. I wonder if he was offered a PR spot and declined it?[/quote]

You beat me to the punch. :wink: I think he may get picked up by someone.

Mikefromthehammer, I stand corrected on Matthew's length of service. But given his college e perience with Austin and Condell, he seems to be making a slow adjustment to the CFL.

I also realize that he had the second team, especially Aprile and Pilartes, but then, he was also facing second and third stringers on defence. I hope you are right about his potential, because I'm not seeing any "progression" as Austin likes to say..

Remember Masoli starting for Collaros in 2014 which was I believe just his second year with the team but third in the league? Every fan was pulling out hair at his performance and now we are happy that he's going to be the starter! Give Jeff time - if Austin didn't see potential and a chance for improvement then Matthews would be gone.

I want to thank whoever in the club it was that paid some attention to the Roster on this site, a day following the final cuts, and has correctly got the list down to 57 players, plus 10 on the Practice Roster and 5 on the 6-Game Injured List. If you'd now correct the #'s for Scott and Smith, show Tisdale as #24 and ask, and show, what number Ellis is wearing (I'd guess 38) you'll have an accurate list, at least for a day, until 11 players are moved off the Active Roster, on Wednesday morning, to declare the 46-man roster for Game 1 on Thursday.

What's with the BS about all teams have to announce their league mandated 46-man roster no later than noon on Sunday, June 19? The 'Cats still have 57 players on their roster so 11 players have to be moved somewhere 24 hours before the season opener in Toronto. As usual, no explanation on why this is allowed to happen.

I have been told this morning that, contrary to last seasons, teams have now until 24 hours before their game to announce their players on 1 game injured list; as you may notice, most rosters average 53 players and,until this afternoon, there were no players on 1 game injured list. Will start this Wednesday with Hamilton and Toronto declaring their players on 1 game injured list.


Thanks, once again, to the club for following up on the roster (as listed on corrections.
Noted, too, are the jersey # changes:
Barnett from 54 to 44, Smith from 58 to 37, and Timmis from 45 to 27.

I agree on Matt Coates, I would much rather see him play than Aprile who has had his share of the dropped balls and passes last year. Maybe as some fans say that Aprile may have the edge in special teams play with coaches.

I think Matt is much more of a clutch receiver and great to see a local guy at this position.


Hopefully Aprile proves everybody wrong. The coaches must see potential in him.

The coaches see these guys in practice seven days a week, fans see these guys making 2 or 3 catches in a preseason game. Who is better to determine who should start.

Probably the coaches, who have decided that Fantuz and Watts start over Aprile. :wink: