The following 13 players have been released:

NAT – WR – Matt Uren
NAT – FB – Preston Huggins
NAT – DE – Ricky Osei-Kusi
NAT – LB – Geoff Hughes
INT – WR – Anthony McClung
INT – WR – LaQuan Williams
INT – OL – Sean Donnelly
INT – DE – Kevin Dixon
INT – DB – Chris Davis
INT – DB – D.J. Hunter
INT – DB – Cleshawn Page
INT – DB – Trey Wolfe
INT – K – Cody Mandell

The following 10 players have been added to the team’s practice roster:

NAT – WR – Matt Coates
NAT – FB – Felix Faubert-Lussier
NAT – OL – Everton Williams
NAT – DE – Everett Ellefsen
NAT – DB – Elroy Douglas
INT – RB – Ross Scheuerman
INT – OL – Xavier Proctor
INT – DT – Terry Redden
INT – DB/LB – Ellis Lankster
INT – DB – Travis Lee

With Coates on the PR, does that mean they're going with Aprille to backup Watt and Fantuz?

Makes no sense when Coates is more proven in real game action.

Can we assume “DB Davis” is Chris, not Emanuel?
If anything’s a surprise. on this list, to me it’s Page. But, checking back, he didn’t play in either P.S. game so I’m guessing he’s injured and somewhat seriously so.

Explanation for my previous post question:
I was reading Drew Edwards' tweet and didn't notice Grover's clarification. :oops:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 27m27 minutes ago
#Ticats cuts:
FB Huggins
DE Osei-Kusi
LB Hughes
WRs Uren, McClung, Williams
OL Donnelly
DE Dixon
DBs Davis, Hunter, Page, Wolfe
K Mandell

It's gotta be that they value Aprile's contribution on special teams enough to make that choice.

That must be the role for Aprile now, since he has proven that actually catching a ball is a challenge for him.

Coates can actually catch the ball.

Also, they keep bringing Huggins back, yet always cut him. Are they just messing with the guy?

Aprile starts, Tisdale signed. :? :?

Well just by doing a real quick tally I still have the roster showing 57 players give or take a few I might've missed. So I guess that means that 9 or 10 of these players will wind up on the IL or perhaps eventually released before Thursday's game at BMO. It would appear that there is still quite a bit of shuffling to do or perhaps a 2nd round of cuts before the final 46 man is set before the opening of the season.

please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but by my quick count as it stands right now the roster breakdown(not including the PR or 6 gm) is as follows : 3 qb's / 26 cdns / 28 imp.
RB's..............4.....(2 cdn/ 2 imp)
FB..................1....(1 cdn)
REC's...........11....(4 cdn/ 7 imp)
OL................ 9.....(6 cdn/ 3 imp)
TOTAL.....28....(13 cdns/ 12 imp/ 3 qb)

LS....................1...(1 cdn)
TOTAL........2...(1 cdn/ 1 imp)

DL.................7....(3 cdn/4 imp)
LB.................9....(4 cdn / 5 imp)
DB................11....(5 cdn / 6 imp)
TOTAL.....27....(12 cdn / 13 imp)

By my count, including Collaros and Arhcambault, who were "exempt veterans" during training camp, we still 61 players, and that's not counting the 10 now on the practice roster contracts. 5 of the 61 were earlier put on the 6-Game Injured List and Collaros and Archambault will now, most likely, be put on the 1-Game Injured List. That gets the "Active" Roster down to 54, but signing Tisdale and Ellis will soon bump it up to 56. So we're looking at 10 more players who'll have be moved to one of the non-active lists (injured, suspended, retired, etc.) or released.

Based on bobo82 information, the roster is at : 3QB's, 28 Int. and 26 Nat.

If cutdown is noon today, how come there are still 11 players above the 46; same situation with other teams. I know that the teams may have informed CFL office, but fans remain in the dark; yes,rosters don't have to be finalized until 24 hours before games, the rosters cannot have more than 46.


8) All CFL teams are supposed to announce all roster changes by 12.00 NOON ET, today !!
  Edmonton,  Regina, and  Calgary have YET to announce their roster moves....close to 2 hours over the deadline !!

   The CFL  says that these teams have not yet announced anything to the league .

   What kind of BS is this , and how come they can get away with it ??      <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

What is the real cutdown time? Noon ET or 23:59 hours ET today. So far, we had different versions. To me, it makes more sense later on today, since Edmonton and Saskatchewan played a game roughly 20 hours ago. If cutdown is/was noon today, they basically had only 17 hours to make their cuts; if later on tonight it is 29 hours. Makes more sense. Quite often; if there are injuries it takes many hours to now the extent.


How come? Maybe it's for the same, unknown reason that the roster on, which has never, ever, once, been accurate during training camp still lists 80 players six hours, or more, after the final cuts were announced on this same site. Now that Brett Maher is our only kicker, will his name, maybe soon, make it's first ever appearance on that roster? Or, is the fact that it's only been a month, to the day, since the team announced his signing, the reason we shouldn't expect to see his name included? If nobody, with the club, can, or wants to explain to us why, could somebody maybe just give us an hour, a day, a week, a month, a season,or a year when fans might have an accurate roster made available to them on line? Please.

I cannot believe that, based on Friday's game at least, Aprile and Pilartes made the cut! The main job of a receiver is to catch the friggin ball. Both these guys have hands of wood and suspect ability to run a route.

And keeping Matthews active just means no one with proven QB skills is avavailable? Three years into the system and he is still ragging the ball or missing open receivers.


Actually 2016 is his sophomore, not junior year with the Ticats. He was signed January 20, 2015.

Obviously the coaching staff likes him, or he wouldn't still be with the team. Masoli has had his struggles, like all new QB's in the CFL seem to have. He seems to have overcome them. Austin and co. likely think the same will happen with Mathews. Are they right? Only time will tell.


Absolutely shocked that Trey Wolfe was released!

Thought he was a playing at a high level on special teams in both
pre-season games which I saw live. Definitely thought that he was a piece that
Reinebold could have used well on teams…

watch for him to come back if injuries continue to occur. :thup:

He sure showed off for the fans.

I agree. I thought that Coates played much better than Aprile last season and while Aprile did have a decent catch or two during the preseason, Coates in general has impressed me more when he's had the chance to play. I wonder if Aprile's inclusion on the active rather than PR has more to do with playing on Special teams?

Just because it hasn't been announced publicly doesn't mean that they haven't submitted their final cuts to the league office on time. My guess is that the delay in the public announcement is because some may still be informing the players who've been cut which is only fair to them after the hard work that they've put in over the past three weeks. Given the short time line that Edmonton and Sask had, that seems to be a likely scenario. I doubt any of us would be happy finding out our fate on a website rather than from our boss (i.e. the coaches/GMs in this case).

I agree with you on Wolfe. I thought he'd make the roster but it seems that OS has a preference for a more experienced player; thus the signings of Tisdale and Ellis who both have CFL experience. If Tisdale hasn't managed to clean up his penchant for DI and illegal contact penalties though Wolfe could be brought back or s you suggest if injuries begin to test the depth of the roster. I wonder if he was offered a PR spot and declined it?