Released by #Ticats:
DB Korey Lindsey
DB Evan McCollough
DB Demetrice Morley
QB Corey Robinson
OL D.J. Young

#Ticats practice roster
OL Dominic Alford
WR LaMark Brown
DE Antonio Coleman
DB Mike Daly
FB Isaac Dell
WR Quincy McDuffie
DB James Rogers
RB Isi Sofele

McCollough is just too slow. He was average at best last season, and awful in the Grey Cup. Got even worse this pre-season. My only concern is who plays wide-side half now. Hence why I didn't like the release of Arthur Hobbs.

Unless....they're committed to Stephen on the corner and move Davis over to half....Emmanuel is too good not to start somewhere.

WOW. McCoullough. Where did that come from. He could be signed by midnight somewhere. Plenty of teams in need of a HB

Note: players not on roster tomorrow are cut out of CFLPA ratification bonus.

Wow forgot about that. with everyone having 600K to play with now a player like McCoulough could be offered a small signing bonus if there is competition for his services.

There are some other players that were cut by their teams montreal cut diamond ferri and jamal richardson edmonton cut hugh charles and brandin isaac was released also just did'nt see that coming

So, after the final cut down, there are still 57 listed on the "Active" Roster. That means 11 still have to be moved to one of the other lists. There's room for 2 more on the Practice Roster, leaving a minimum of 9 to be shifted to one of the Injured Lists, or the Suspended List, or the list of those released.

Veteran players due for a big CBA signing bonus anybody else smell a bad fish?

Breaking down the 57 players still on the roster:4 qb /25 cdn /28 imp means that to reach the final 46: 1 qb/3 cdn/7 imp have to be moved or shifted to one of the other lists(pr/1 gm/6gm/susp)or released outright.The team currently has 8 positions filled on the P.R,so as Ottawacat has pointed out 2 of the 11 will fill out that list,leaving 9 more transactions required to reach the final 46 man and 10 man P.Squad
The breakdown by position is as followed:


My guess is that the final 9 players will all wind up mostly on the 6 gm IL with a few going on the 1 gm.Any way you look at it there is still some shuffling to do before we see what the line up will officially look like for the season opener.

Always unfortunate that we/fans have to wait for all information; as of 22 h last night, only Calgary and Montreal had all information. As of now, many teams, including BC,Hamilton and Toronto have not given all information. Their active roster is well above 46.


No real surprises in the list of cuts or players placed on the PR, I think in McCulloch's case he lost some speed compared to the other players on the roster and in camp and we probably have some better players at that position currently. All the cuts have been made in the CFL on other teams so we may see some movement to bring in a player or two for a look at that position, more trimming will be done on the roster soon to get to the starting line ups.

The AB situation will be interesting. If they are still making a decision on how the pecking order behing collaros will shake out could see a QB on the 1 game IR. If Lefevour will still be useful in his package of plays then McGee would likley hit the 6 game IR. I think Masolli is safe. If Lefevour can be seen as replaced by Mcgee than Lefevour gets let go at some point.

I am not sure what the rule is about when the salary cap has to be settled but it seems like there is time within the first few weeks which enables teams to keep some extra players on the one game IR before the cap needs to be settled so expect all teams to carry extra on the one game until that time comes.

At that point injuries will be figured out for 6 game IR and stashing away some talent on the 6 game for the rash of injuries that hit.

The Dline will have to be trimmed but they may very well want to keep all of them around. Fortin is listed as DL but will be on the roster as the LS. Atkinson has been written offby many but he is still standing and could be very useful in Short yardage at NG 6.0 315 can get some low penetration which couldmake him valuble and well worth a National roster spot.

Hall and Thurmond could fill a role as a rotating DE. Thurmond still almost a true rookie could accept a PR spot.

Unless there was a rule change the PR is required to carry 4 Nationals at minimum, currently there are two. Kruwba and Daly may both be candidates for PR spots basically backing up Beau Landry and Neil King on Teams.

as you said now a 6 game now down from 9 thanks to the new CBA

Don’t know if I like that or not

I do not get it either.
The league has a deadline so for all concerned and most important for the fans, the rosters including the cuts should be available on the league site asap.

The 6 game fits more into the way teams break there season down. Also does not put a player out of the mix for so long if they will be out for multiple amount of games. A lot more likley to add a player to the 6 game if he is going to be out for at least a month knowing he may only miss a game or two as opposed to 5 without having to use one of the now two excemptions.
I dont know for sure but it could fit better to concusion protocalls. That is just a guess

Kromah on the one game placing plesius as the starting MLB. Bowman also on the one game. Who does that leave as his back up. Really the other LBs on the roster are Will or SAM LBs. Would Simoni move into the MLB if needed or would Prime pull double duty.
Only 4 Import DBs are on the roster plus Murray at SAM. Guessing Courtney Stephan will find out early if he can be an effective Field CB.
Geez their Dline is Loaded.
Matt Coates made the roster. He must of really impressed. Under the new rules he still has Junior eligibility left. I guess not anymore.

Despite the signals to the contrary, I still think Stephen will back up. The DBs could be Breaux, Murray, Butler, Stewart, Davis and the LBs Plesius, Lawrence and Harris with Caldwell a DI or Caldwell with Harris a DI.

I think you're spot on here. Breaux at short/boundary side corner. Stewart over top of him at boundary defensive half. Butler at Safety. Murray at wide/field side defensive back and Davis at wide/field side corner. Lawrence at WILL, Plesius at MIKE & Harris at SAM in the linebacker units. Caldwell as a DI.

A more interesting question is if they start 1 or 2 NI's at DT. Bulcke & Laurent with Hazime rotating in at DT puts Torrey Davis on the 2 man reserve or potentially a DI but a little less likely.

Then you have 4 NI's on D. Add 3 NI's on the interior of the Oline with Mydellton, O'Neill & Wojt at LG, C & RG, and you have your starting 7.

Then you can either go with an all Import receiving unit with Grant, Tasker, Ellingson & Koch. Or you start Giguere giving you 8 Starting NI's being able to sub in an import freely.

That is what I sort of meant. He will not be the starter but be a top back up where he may enter the game as aField CB if needed with a planned organized Shuffle.
I surely hope as well that he will also back up Butler as well leaving King to starting special teamer. I really like Davis. It seems like they keep trying to replace him but he just continues to get better. 2014 is only his 3rd year out of college so he will contuine to get better. Remeber he was released after TC in '13 and called back.

Then you can either go with an all Import receiving unit with Grant, Tasker, Ellingson & Koch. Or you start Giguere giving you 8 Starting NI's being able to sub in an import freely.
My guesses are the same as FenderGuy69 and cflsteve. I think Giguere starts as a fifth receiver (or Prime starts as a full back) but, as FenderGuy69 says, the Cats will be able to put in Madu or Banks whenever they want.