Players I am a little suprised to se leaving:
Dan Clark
Chris Graham
Jocelyn Frenette
Mathieu Boulay

Add Byron Bullock to that list for me as well.

I wonder who will be on the practice roster?

Bullock will be on the PR...can't let him get away. Surprized they wouldn't keep him and let Sean Lucas go. Quite a few years difference in age.

I thought Eddie Russ played well enough to make the Roster aswell, he was a quick DB that I think could have done well, but it is what it is, I have enough faith in Marshall and CO, to mkae the right and difficult I might add decisions.

Go Riders!

The guys who made an impact, and were let go because of numbers (Russ, Bullock, etc) will be asked to stay around as “insurance” players due to injuries. As in 2008, we had a few of those…

The PR is loaded with 3 NIP D-line guys? Seems like a alot for one position?

Alot of receivers on roster. Now interested to see if Clermont and Sisco made enough headway to start or if we'll see Koch, Nunn and/or Wheelright?

My guess as well is the Riders might suggest Bullock to stick around for 1-2 weeks.

Brent Hawk on 9-game reserve. We have issues at DE. looks like Murphy, Terrious and Luc will be the ends? I just don't see that being enough to get pressure off the ends? I hope they all prove me wrong. But as the season goes we might see a need to trade for DE talent..............but then what might you have to give up in return.

My projections for starting Recivers/Slotbacks

Wide Recivers:

Slot Backs:


A few things:

  1. Left and right sides may vary but postions remain
  2. I did notice Getzlaf played WR last season and has far more talent than nunn or wheelright.