I'm surprised no one has mentioned anything yet about the last round of cuts.

Baggs and Parham being released I find disappointing. Both looked to have a good future, and must have been able to warant something in a trade?

im really not suprised with any of these cuts... sure baggs played great, but hes an import and not as versitile as guebert or whatever his name is. probably just couldnt find room for parham, cant keep em all

im glad kerry johnson and edison were put on the PR

i think it was a good choice to pick cam hall over edison personally..

......Baggs was probably a very tough decision for the coaching staff....i believe he's getting a shot in Edm....hope he doesn't come back to haunt us....this Guebert guy is a keeper....he exemplifies what a football players attitude and exhuberance for the game should far as talent...he sure has diversity....played a few positions in pre-season....i was hoping Parham would hang around...oh someone can't keep em' all....Cam Hall is nfl way he's going anywhere unless he wants to go back to the states in the future.... :thup: :rockin:

Ya Guebert is a great all purpose player. It will be interesting to see how he contributes to the team as the season moves forward. He is similar in size to Haywood who is on the DLine already, to have two smaller sized lineman would not be ideal. It is fun watching him on kick cover, he flies down the feild on a mission.

The only reason some of those Cuts happened was Injuries. that is the only thing that makes sense.

If OMeara, Khan, Franklin, Bush and Bell were Healthy then:
Brazzell, St.G, Bearman, Lezi, Ried and Moss would have been cut, Baggs would have stayed.

The reason Baggs was cut is because Bell is injured IMO. Bell healthy can cover the backup RB and starting FB spots with Guebert the Backup FB.