Cuts ????

when can we expect to now who has been cut

I think the deadline is midnight Saturday to get the cuts, so we'll probably hear about them on Sunday.

The cuts where already made.....

so where are they posted?

You are correct, sir. transactions click here

Its not really posted yet, but I heard from a few players that made it

The cuts will up posted sometime tonight, I would think. I don't think Desjardins, Taaffe, and co. are busy doing rock, paper, scissors to settle position battles. :wink:

They are telling players of their fate before the cuts are announced as they should.

Oski Wee Wee,

Thats true they have the whole team to go through..

And Im so happy to get word of one player..

Go ticats

Congrats to Jo Jo!

10:12PM and still nothing :?

They May Just File it with The CFL.
Since MRX Runs that Webpage..
We may not find out who was cut here Till Tomorrow Night .
They Make the Announcement Live Tomorrow at 1 Jarvis. Then We'll get Word here after it is over.

I would hope Kordic has earned a spot. Even if its just a 3rd string role and special teams. If he can show as much as he has right out of Canadian Uni. ball imagine after he gets a season or two under his belt. He really shows promise and with these coaches he could even start by later in the year if needed.

Plus he has Hitchcock-like size and good closing speed.

i think cordic will step in as the next rob hichcock not to say they have the same leadership quiltiy cause no one can compare to rob in that way