Cuts should happen either tonite (june 15) or tommorow(june 16) who do u think should or will be cut ?

This is a tough call, but i'd have to go with Talmon Gardner, Richie Williams, Shaun King and Kornegay.

Garder will get a Shot before he is cut.

coach has said he isn't cutting any QBs til the end of camp

Rosters don't have to be cut down in numbers
until the end of Training Camp this year.

I'm just curious, what have you seen (or not seen) from Kornegay to think he will be cut.

I've seen him in practice, he hasn't stood out, but, he hasn't looked bad either. I'm just wondering why you feel that way.

Because someone said he was the one who got beat by Edwards on the t.d.

Justin Boone in his article on the Home page says,

"According to Desjardins, the team may make a decision
as to whom they will cut from the roster [at quarterback ]
in the next couple of days, but they are not required to do so.

“We do need to get our numbers down so when we’re practicing

the guys that we want to have around will get more reps

and will get a chance to learn
what we’re doing that much better,?

he explained.

Justin Boone in his article on the Home page says
I havent seen anyone mention this but Justin's articles are great.

If Kornegay was the one who got beat by Edwards, and if Kornegay eventually gets cut, it wouldn't surprise me. He has good speed, but the best receivers in the CFL routinely caught balls when he was covering them last year. Geroy Simon made him look very bad in a couple of games, for example. I know the whole team was bad last year, but other clubs remember these weaknesses in other teams' personnel and try to expolit them again and again.

Geroy Simon makes a lot of guys look bad. Anyway, with a new coaching staff its a clean slate this year.