Does the team need to make any cuts before the trip to Winnipeg this week? I have heard yes and I have heard no.

No, they changed the rules this year. No cuts are necessary until roster is annouced at end of training camp. You can make 30 cuts all on the last day if you want to.

Iain Fleming was the bring a few in, let one go sort of thing seems to keep balancing our roster out.

After one week, I don't think we're any further ahead than when camp started...numbers wise.

By the way, hendy77, Karen told me that evidence of his release
can be found by clicking on the NEWS tab on the HOME Page

It is at the bottom of the 'June 10th Training Camp Report'

click here

Thanks again, Karen.

Ya they where talking about a Practice today.
I just kept Quite till it was Announce..

Just a question here. How bloody hard is it to keep an up to date roster and transaction page going? Before these two new receivers were added to the roster, I noticed yesterday, that two players who were previously released were back on the roster ( LB Michael Nattiel and DL Quinton Caver). What's up with that? Are they back in training camp or not? By my count they have 81 players in camp if they remove Iain Fleming and Claude Sanders off the roster page.

Well, MP, has been notoriously slow at keeping its roster info updated (especially during the Canoe era), so nothing surprises me. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

You seem a little cranky today, oh-mighty-one
are you not having a good weekend?

The poor guys on the football management team
haven't been with their families or at the office.

Maybe that's why the website isn't up-to-date.

Rom the media guy hands out an updated roster
every day to those fans attending Training Camp.

He told me that DL Quinton Caver was away
and now he is back at Training Camp.

Sorry I don't remember if he
told me the reason he was away

but it's been tended to so now
he's getting further evaluated.

I don't know Michael Nattiel's circumstances.



Why haven't you been checking things out
first hand at Training Camp, oh-mighty-one??

I have been amazed at how quickly the roster is modified.... thanks

On the other hand #40 is still shown as a quarterback. We've got enough competition at that spot as it is

Oskee wee wee

PS Edit at 4:30 AM - #40 is now fixed. Now that is service!

I've been feeling that way since about the midway point of last season. Thanks for the update Ron. Whoever is updating the roster page is very quick on the additions, but very slow on the deletions. Can it be that complicated? I've been down to training camp for a couple of afternoon practices as well as the scrimmage on Saturday. I guess we just haven't bumped into one another yet.

Midway through last season?

You shouldn't have reminded me.

The memories are flooding back now.

After the 1st quarter I felt like I was
being kept after school for a detention.

I couldn't wait to get out
of Ivor Wynne and go home.

Canoe Sports reports Kwame Cavil released. Are our receivers THAT good?

Glad to see that is so up-to-date... lol

We knew about this on Friday. Who knows what happened woth Kwame? Perhaps he said the wrong thing, the wrong number of times, to the wrong person?

Or it could be the fact that he couldn`t catch a cold in January, never mind a pass attempt FROM 5 DIFFERENT QUARTERBACKS...

Hey Pope, Nattiel is gone and so is Dixon according to CHML

[url=] ... ?hdl=76029[/url]

Leave mightypope alone, bunch of cyber bullies.

The sheer number of invitees and the amount of cuts before the first pre-season is a clear indication of how much house-cleaning and remodelling really needed to be done and how serious they are in getting this thing back on the road.

Its the sole reason for training camp and the pre-season not a PR excercise for fans.

Good on you for keeping RFTT in line, Zontar. He does get out of hand with his browbeating people. :wink:

Wow!!! An updated roster page, right to the minute. Thanks to whoever it is that did this. Right now I feel as happy as if the 'Cats started the season 4-0...well, maybe not that happy. :smiley: