Chml website reports that Claude Saunders and Chris sutherland were cut today

No suprise really here,the O-line has some really good prospects and it looks like the team is going to go heavy with canadian content on the D-line.

Sorry to see Sutherland go. But there is a lot of competition on the o-line this year.

Not sure why Sanders was even here ... he couldn't crack the lineup last year and was released in August when Ron Lancaster took over.

Does anyone know if Sutherland has another year of eligibility at U of Saskatchewan?

I know Chris was injured on Tuesday. He had hurt his groin/inner leg somewhere and had some troubles on Tuesday. I don't know if that was part of the decision or not.

Claude just didn't seem to be bringing it as much as everbody else on the line from what I saw. I didn't see anything worthy of cutting, but, I guess the coaches did.

Maybe you didnt see anything worthy of cutting, but maybe they didnt see anything worth keeping him...

quince holman too