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You can find Ti-Cat cuts here....

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I haven't really digested them yet...

NIP Imokhai ATOGWE (DB) St. Francis Xavier


NIP Greg BEARMAN (DB) New Mexico State

NIP Troy CUNNINGHAM (DL) Concordia

NIP Iain FLEMING (SB) Queen's

IMP Davon FOWLKES (WR) Appalachian State

IMP Talman GARDNER (WR) Florida State

IMP Patrick JOSTEN (QB) Chapman

IMP Steve JOSUE (DE) Carson-Newman


IMP Torrance MARSHALL (LB) Oklahoma

NIP Shawn MAYNE (DE) Connecticut

IMP Claude SANDERS (DE) Fresno State


Fleming and Fowlkes are the two I am not happy about. I can't blame the coaching staff though. We are well stocked in both of their positions. Hopefully they will both be offered a practice squad position.

I wanted to see Flemming and Gardner stay.

yeah...i have to say out of all our wideout prospects, i was kind of excited about gardner and fleming. Ah well, should be a good year :slight_smile:

I liked Gardner's play in particular last night too.
I guess some of the players not released have to be moved to the Taxi Squad yet?

And I must say I'm surprised that Torrance Marshall get cut. And I heard some good things about Fowlkes, in particular about his potential as a kick returner. But maybe I should not be too surprised. I am also somewhat surprised to see that Gardner got cut. Well, making these decisions could not have been easy. And which of these players will be see on the practice roster?

And if you go to the next page in the list of transactions, it appears Winnipeg has cut Onterrio Smith. Interesting.

We kept 7 rookies to the CFL by my count...

Richie Williams
Anthony Davis
Bobby Brooks
Damion Cook
Greg Randall
Willie Quinnie
Mario Fatafei

I was a little surprised by Gardner and Barbers but I'm sure it was a very tough decision. I like Ian Fleming and Troy Cunningham too. Sad to see them go. I wasn't too surprised by Fowlkes. He had some trouble returning kicks last week. I hate cuts.

That's a list of some talented football players!

(Granted some are former NFLers, but still...)

Yes you really have to wait until you see who gets put on the reserve/taxi squads. We also didn’t see who - if any - went on the injured list.

Only surprise to me was that Kornegay is still around. I hope I’m wrong but I’m not impressed at all by him. Word around camp is that he works hard and has potential but there must be better players around!

this doesn't seem like enough players to get us down to the right number? does anyone know what we have to get it down to, and if we are already at that number? i was thinking 46 but am i wrong?

News on who is on the injured list appears to have just been posted now. You can click here for the news.

Players on the injured list are:

Sandy Beveridge (DB)
Pascal Cheron (OL)
Anthony Davis (RB)
Gilles Lezi (RB)
Jamal Powell (OL)

I was surprised to see Gardner get cut. Based on what everyone was saying, the 'Cats needed to cut 12 but cut 14 instead. Can anyone shead some light on this?

One of the cuts was at QB, which I don't think people were factoring into the "12" number. I'm not suprised that Fowlkes got cut, and I'm really happy that we kept Brooks. Too bad about Marshall, but we may now have the deepest LB corps in the entire league; it's almost ridiculous. As for Fleming, I hope he makes it over to the taxi squad. He's a really good player, and in a year or two, we'll need another Canadian slot back with height and hands.

The updated Ticat roster is now up on this website. It shows a total of 46 active roster players and 5 injured players. Therefore, until the injured players return to the roster, this will leave room for 7 developmental roster spaces to fill from among the 14 players released today.

I haven't seen any of the Ti-Cats play this year and I missed the first pre-season game last week, so my knowledge was gathered from listening to the game last night.

From what I heard, Fowlkes seemed like a keeper. He did a great job on returns. I realize that is what we have Holmes for and we are stocked up in the receiver position so it wasn't a big surprise he was cut.

But from the posts above, it seems like I am alone in not being happy about this.

Was he really that bad in the first pre-season game?

im really suprized that gardner got cut i thought he had a hudge upside and i also thought that both babers and folkes would make the team

As TCTD said, the Ticats may still be interested
in some of these players who weren't put on the roster

They may put them on the Developmental Roster
[i.e. Practice Roster] when one has to be declared.


I see Winnipeg also cut 2 players who played with the Ticats last year

and a receiver who impressed many of us at last year's training camp.


Interesting that the Blue Team would cut the only player capable of scoring a td against us in the last two contests.

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