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Hamilton: The Tiger-Cats made five cuts late Sunday night, three of which were in the defensive backfield.

Released: K/P Delbert Alvarado, RB Donte Harden, DB Rico Murray, DB Terrance Parks, DB Maurice Rolle
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With the Canadian Football League’s cut-down deadline set for 10 p.m. MT tonight, the Edmonton Eskimos are pared down and ready for the next stage of training camp.

The team released seven players this morning, with the most notable being receiver Dobson Collins, who had been with the team for the majority of the past two seasons, either as a practice roster member or a backup.

The only non-import player cut was receiver Ismael Bamba, a Sherbrooke product who played last year for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The Eskimos also parted ways with offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath, defensive backs Cary Harris and Otis Merrill, receiver Owen Spencer and defensive lineman Jorge Wright, who joined the team at the start of training camp.


Justin Conn, another Bishop’s grad, who was among the 11 players released Sunday to conform to the league-mandated training camp limit of 65, excluding injured players and draft picks.

Also released were DE Daunte Akra, RB Andre Dixon, DB J.T. Fitzgerald, LB Charlie Hatchett, OT Tavaris Jeffries, CB Jacobi Jenkins, WR Jaymar Johnson, DB Gerard Lawson and DL Ekom Udofia, all imports. Non-import DB Matt Walker, a 2013 draft pick, was also let go, an especially difficult decision because the reason was injury-related.

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Est-ce que Pacion Horne a été blessé? Il a pourtant eu une bonne saison l'an dernier.

C'est pas presente au camps des Argos. Ils se sont tanne et l'ont retranche.

Ah! Dans ce cas, je l’aurais suspendu, pas libéré.

Chris Jones niaise pas avec le puck.

Horne showed up at camp a week or so late with a calf injury.

Pat Watkins has not reported, has some sort of personal issue, and Jordan Younger has retired.

Not sure if there are reasons for Pacino Hornes sudden release by the Argos - the calf injury, wanting to renegotiate, his wanting to try the NFL - but all things being equal hes a DB worth looking at.

I was surprised about Horne as well. Makes it funny now seeing the 'last' play of the 2012 east final knowing neither player is back with his team.

Glad i finally found Jamel's website. Not a big shop section but some cool signed pics at least.

Yea something is going on here I guess the news will eventually leak out about why he was a week late for camp and then released in the first cut down.
I guess if your an Als fan you could be happy that Watkins is not back yet but from a CFL fan point of view he was a great CB last year and All star it is great to see him being match up against some of the leagues top receivers

Horne apparently wants to try the NFL. There was no prior agreement like with Armstead so don`t know why the Argos would let him out of his contract so easily. Unlike The tiger-Cats and Williams.

well that would explain the Horne situation. The Argos are taking this approach by releasing guys to try the NFL even if they are under contract. I guess thethought is that they do this a player ie Frederick Plesius who will not sign a CFL deal in fear that he may get an NFL offer and not be able to get out of his CFL contract.
The gentlemens agreement has already worked out for the Argos this season. Signing QB prospect josh Portis only to release him in about a week when the seahawks came calling then the seahawks released him and he came right back to the Argos to add to the QB competition for the back up spots behind Ray. So far it does not look liike Portis will make the roster with Harris and Callaros looking very good but cou;d be placed on the 9 game IR where his salary will not count against the cap but would be availble in the second part of the seaosn or next season if needed while he is still getting paid on most likley running the scout team. Portis has been through similar situations in the NFL so he is expereinced as a scout team player with talent