CUTS Final roster

VANCOUVER ( wire) -- The B.C. Lions announced today that they have released 10 players in order to get their roster down to 46 active plus seven developmental players.

Wide receivers Anthony Jones, Aaron Krepps and Wiley King, offensive linemen Carl Gourgues and Belton Johnson, quarterback Tyler Emmert, linebacker Dave Lowry, defensive back Tony Tiller, running back Eddie Linscomb and defensive lineman Frank Ferrara were all released.

“After three weeks of evaluation, I am very pleased with the club we have assembled for fans of the B.C. Lions," said general manager and head coach Wally Buono. “Each of the players we have on our roster brings something special to the team, and I am confident that this group will allow us to compete for a championship this season."

You can't be serious that the Lions cut Tony Tiller.... Unbelievable... He's going to be a star defensive back in the future...Only 24 years old.... I'm steaming right now... OUT

I'm surprised too that Tiller and Ferrara are both gone.

I am curious if Josh is sticking around, even if only on the practice roster.

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Once again I join as a BCer living in Edmonton having to put up with the Eskimos B.S all year...

Didn’t Stegal burn him badly last year? Remember we got a better upgrade in Corey Banks. I think Tiller diodn’t fit with the new pass defence package.

We have Washington, Simpson, Young, Banks, Marsh, not to bad if you ask me!

Thelwell is injured, so Boden may stick around for a few games. He's still quite young, and would still be in University had he gone there. He has only played one season of Junior so he has room to grow. But if he sticks around, then good for him!

OK... buddy...
a) We don't have Barin Simpson as he left for Winnipeg
b) I agree with you... B.C. has the best secondary in the CFL... and the best secondary the Lions have ever assembled since 1994.... Look for Ryan Phillips(age 23) to jump into the role of Mark Washington when he retires.

I agree the lions do have the best secondary
but will there o-line be as good as they performed in preseason gm#2?

Why would they cut Tiller and Ferrara?!!?!?!

b) I agree with you... B.C. has the best secondary in the CFL... and the best secondary the Lions have ever assembled since 1994.... Look for Ryan Phillips(age 23) to jump into the role of Mark Washington when he retires.
Best in the league? Last year your secondary was not bad but still in the middle of the pack.

You have made one change in the secondary. Is Banks that much better?

Banks is a huge upgrade. A healthy Baron Miles will also help. Remember he was out a number of games last year with an injury.

I really like the defense this year. And (sigh) I may have to back track and say my 2004 "Whipping" boy Dante Marsh had a pretty good season last year as well.

OK, but do you think other teams stood still in the off season?

How do you think your backups are for the secondary?

Backups......Hopefully, we'll find out in blow out games rather than injuries.

Thats whats going to make this season so interesting....all the teams got better. Saskatchewan picked up a starting QB (Joseph) Hamilton did a complete makeover, Calgary made a couple of adjustments. It will be a really close season. I don't expect anyone, in either division to have a cakewalk to first place or the playoffs.

We made one major change in the secondary BUT last year we had a rookie in Ryan Philips . He was real good as a rookie and now should be considerably better with experience .Dante Marsh and Sam Young have been getting better each season as well. What we got now is a veteran group of Young , Miles , Washington, Philips, Banks and Marsh. That is very different from the last two seasons where we had one or two rookie starters each season.
Add more pressure up front and I like the looks of it.


WOW.... pennw .... couldnt have said it better myself!!!!! WELL SAID

Looking over the Team, I think that the Lions should go all the way. I am REALLY glad to see that TJ ACREE will be a big part of the Team this year. I know he worked really hard on the off season, and got stronger, and faster, (which he already had blazing speed). He is one of those hard working guys that has a great work ethic, and knows how to win games. Watch out for him this year. He came from a great Boise State Team where is was pound for pound the strongest guy on the Team, and WOW, what a play maker. Put number 89 in your memory, you will probably see him a lot this year. Personally, I can’t wait to see this kid play again.

I'm really suprised to find out that Ferrera is gone - I thought he did fairly well last season