Cuts and Transitions

I saw the list of cuts for Calgary on Saturday. A few surprises, including running back LaDarius Galloway, and wide receiver Shay Fields. Both looked good against BC, with Fields hauling in that Arbuckle pass to set up the TD, and Galloway’s consistent good runs both in this game and the one against Saskatchewan. I trust coach D a lot more than my own eyes, so what am I missing on these two?

Certainly Don Jackson is the main man behind Bo, but Galloway looked like a serviceable change-of-pace guy. Litre looked good as a power back, but I didn’t see the open-field running some of the others displayed. Is this a scheme thing, or is there another facet I’m not figuring?

With KJ still on IR, I thought Fields might have some promise in a receiving corps still reeling from a slew of injuries last year.

Was glad to see Braverman on the practice squad. Hope to see him work his way into the lineup as the season progresses. Ditto for KaDeem Carey, who looked good in the second half.

Well Jackson would be first on the depth chart and I guess that they felt that Galloway didn’t do enough to unseat #38 (what’s his name again?) who performed admirably last year. It could also be other ares of his game. Remember, even though the Stamps run the ball more than most (partially due to so many big leads) they still throw almost twice as often as run. Any back has to be able to block. It may have been an aspect other than ball carrying that was the deciding factor.

Personally, if I were a GM or a coach, a back would have to run like Reed or Pringle or Payton or Sanders (maybe Messam) before I would even CONSIDER keeping him around without a full skill set (not that those guys didn’t have that). You would need to 1) run (without fumbling), 2) pass protect, and 3) catch to play for me. This is why Andrew Harris is so valuable. If a ball carrier isn’t a 3-tool back as described, I’m basically not interested. That’s just me.

Now I’m not saying that Galloway isn’t this. I can’t say. I did not keep close enough tabs on him personally, but you know running back is the deepest talent pool out there. You can’t afford not to be fussy when choosing them.

That’s what I was looking for…a perspective I hadn’t considered. I don’t remember Galloway catching anything out of the backfield, and I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t pay much attention to backs in pass protection, but that sounds like a legit answer.


…can’t speak to the running back item, but p’dog is probably on the right track, intangible duties outside of simply running north/south…

…for Fields, he was I think a victim of a deep NI contingent of receivers, with Brescacin already locking up a starting position, and Mayala, Klukas and Sindani all showing well and holding a maple leaf passport…heck the stamps had to release a really decent kid from Sask in Julan Lynch (and hope he stays on the practice roster)…the stamps NI depth at receiver this year is that deep, and coupled with American talent at receiver (including promising AZ Hotshot Josh Huff) the stamps had to say goodbye to some pretty talented guys, Fields being one of them…

Makes sense, particularly the abundance of National talent.