Cutolo to be moved

Anyone hearing rumours about where Frank Cutolo might end up? I read another post indicating that he might end up in WPG in exchange for the rights to Ricky Bell. Not sure valid a rumour that one is.

This is likely a total pipe dream, but wouldn’t it be nice if the Renegades’ new ownership made a bold statement and went after the guy? Not sure what we’d be able to offer up in return, but I hope the possibility has at least been investigated.

Hey Lonie: Bringing Cutolo in will most definitely sell a bunch more of those $99 (read $130, including stadium surcharge and handling fee) season tickets. You want to get into our good books? Make it happen!

Cutolo won’t be heading east…apparently a deal fell through in the eleventh hour for him…think it was with the Rens…Bomber deal is still on…Esks interested also…who knows what Wally wants; :arrow: and that will be the determining factor.

Does it really matter what Wally B. wants for Frank C. If the team or teams that want him wait until after June 18th they can pick him up for nothing by signing him to a free agent contract. that’s the way I would go if I was a G.M looking for good receiver or any other player that happened to get cut by another team.

Nooooo Not Rickey Bell. He gets so many pass intereference calls… But then again, Dante Marsh is nothing to write home about either…

Actually I read that if Wally can’t get anything good for Cutolo he could be the 5th or 6th receiver. (Translation…practice squad?) Newspapers say Paris Jackson is having a good camp along with two other import receivers. Who knows who’s expendable!

Word is BC is trying to unload WR Frank Cutolo to a team in the east. Is it true?
Where is he going and for who?

Pick me! Pick me!

GO Gades GO!

Wally ain’t happy with some of his defensive guys from what I hear…that’s why Marsh is gone…Ricky would solidify things for him so the deal makes sense…Bell admitedly takes alot of penalties but also comes up with some pretty big plays…much like Cutola who makes some great plays but suffers from a little fumbleitise…i think it would be a pretty even up trade except maybe Bell will want more dough than Wally is prepared to pay…and that will be the determining factor. :?: :?:

I would be extremely happy to see Cutolo end up here in Winnipeg. I’ve always thought that he’s one of the most underrated receivers in the league. A starting receiving core of Stegall, McGarity, Peterson, and Cutolo would definitely give us a lot of options, plus throw in Stokes, Stoddard, and Sutherland and we’ve got one good looking receiving core! :slight_smile:

time is ticking away on a deal for Cutolo…he’s got to be in somebodys uniform as the season starts shortly… i think he would probably need a little practice time with a new club…somebody could still sign him after he’s been officialy cut…not a good route for the lions to take…or for Cutolo…GO BOMBERS. :arrow:

C’mon, Lonie & Forrest! Step up and get 'em! If we could add Cutolo to our current crop of WRs/SBs (Armstead, Yo Murphy, Woodcock), we’d have one of the league’s best receiving corps.


Yes…Cutolo will look good in a Gades uniform.


Why was he cut if he won several awards? Out of shape? Attitude soured?

Some rookie on the lions beat him out…that guy must be pretty good and what does that say about the lions…ouch… :!: