Cutolo and Peterson released

The Gades have released WR Frank Cutolo and QB Paul Peterson. Don't know about the release of Cutolo, he's a darn good reciever, but for Peterson, he wasn't really going to get the chance to play, although i would have kept him over Darnell Kennedy.

Again - another reason Paopao must go - I wouldhave liked to see Cutolo stay but that I can let go. But keeping Peterson should have been a no brainer. Kennedy sucks & never will be worth anything. Peteson was young & had a ton of more talent then that crap bag Kennedy. Paopao is an idiot

I don't know the rationale for cutting either player but Joe Paopao is one of the most decent people in football or in life. He wouldn't cut a player just for the sake of doing it. BC cut Cutolo and no one would suggest that Wally Buono is an idiot or would they? Check the standings 9 and 0- now that is

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

Hey... I don't know if this came from Joe... I've read an artical this morning that he is loosing more of more of the GM duties...

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Perhaps Gregg and Glieberman have something to do with it.

Could anyone tell me why in the world I mean the WORLD did they cut Cutolo. for days it just bogs my mind on this.

I am an American who enjoys watching the CFL, and I met Frank Cutolo on a flight to Seattle a few years ago. I heard he was released by the Ottawa Renegades on September 4, 2005. Has another team picked him up since then, or is he still in limbo and looking for a job in football ?

bo lewis was a guy that was cut in traning camp that had a good resume. so was shelling amnd they both where big pick ups and i was pissed as hell when they both where cut. But if they werent cut we wouldent of got to see the emergense of a guy like gregg moss or d wayne taylor. In cutolos case its the new reciever Quirgo so wait and see how he turns out before u bad mouth the coach

Just wanted to know if Frank Cutolo has been picked up by anyone after his release by the Ottawa Renegades. I met him when he played with the BC Lions, on a flight to Seattle, Washington a few years ago, and he seemed like a really nice guy. Do you or anyone else know if he was picked up by another CFL team?

Here's a quick update on Paul Peterson, he is now coaching at Snow Jr. College in Utah and then trying out for the CFL. What the hell were you guys thinking. Boston College also produced a pretty good CFL qB named Doug Flutie. Same style, doesn't over do running. Great passer and has the mobility needed to get a first down. I would take him over anyone of your QB's now. You guys are going to regret this. Kerry Joesph couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. and pro are two totally different leagues. Just because Flutie came from Boston College, does that make Peterson a great QB? I don't think so. Maybe you have forgotten about Brad Banks, who was a runner up for the Heisman Trophy, was peterson ever close to winning it?

Your absolutely right just because Peterson played at Boston College doesn't make him a great Quarterback. Do you know why i think he is great because i watched him play for two years at Boston College and make plays. He took an average Boston College team an made them competitive. He beat Notre Dame twice, beat Virginia Tech in there house which anyone who knows NCAA football knows how hard that is. Brad Banks is good college quarterback, but he doesn't have what it takes to be a CFL quarterback. The Heisman trophy is a joke. Jason White, Rashan Salamm, Eric Crouch won it and where are they now? All I'am saying is the Rens made a big mistake, and hopefully Peterson will flourish somewhere else. I honestly thought this team was heading in the right direction, but not to keep him even as a third string quarterback. Peterson has mobility and the ability to throw on the run which is hard to find in a quarterback. Throws a better ball than Joesph. I think its stupidity on the part of the Renegades to get a black quarterback. Yes, i believe its racism. Don't worry Rens you don't have the next Vick or McNabb.

Flutie was descriminated against for his height, and Peterson for his race. Must be a Boston College thing.

Darnell Kennedy who is he suppose to be.

Kennedy sucks. I don't know why Ottawa keeps him around. I knew whenthey picked him up that they would release Peterson. He coudn 't even hold the ball properly for Kellet. He must be one of Poapoa's golden boys.

You need a GM , not Forrest Gump

You need a GM , not Forrest Gump running the football operations


From the keyboard of a Gades fan


From the keyboard of a Gades fan

i second that motion

3rd, 4th and 5th!

Greg Marshall as HC with Tillman as GM