Cutdown Tracker: Teams make their first round of cuts

TORONTO — is tracking every team’s roster moves as clubs are required to reduce their numbers throughout training camp.

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What’s the purpose of this article if 90% is listed as TBD. Just a waste of time.

It is a living document. It will be updated as teams makes their cuts.

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How come Chad Kelly is still around the team. He should be on the suspended list ?!!

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Part of it has to be the Argos standing up for their now discredited man. If they moved him to ‘suspended’ he could take the move in the wrong way - mentally!

So one of the much hyped signings in Riderville is already out the door. Edwards-Cooper - we hardly knew ya. :grinning:

How do you feel about Bennett being cut? He was always a curious choice. The draft commentators were stunned when the Bombers took him over Bemiy who promptly went to BC. Undersized for a DE - same size as Gauthier. Not at all surprised he was cut but thought he’d at least make it to main camp.

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They prolly expected Bennett to improve in at least two of many areas: 1) Strength, 2) Power, 3) Speed, 4) Agility. I suspect early camp evaluations had him pretty much dormant or sliding back.

Of absolute no use to the team as a DE or pursuit OLB.

But I do think a bottom-feeder (Ottawa or Edmonton) might take a look.

Really bad drafting on this one by Kyle Walters & Staff.

Even this year - trading #8 for #13 & #14 was suspect.

Calgary was desperate to draft at #8, their new offensive guard was still on the board but wouldn’t make it to #13.

Bombers really don’t want any more payroll - they were fined for exceeding the cap.

Frankly, I think Walters could have squeezed Dave Dick for the #14 pick plus Calgary’s 1st round pick in 2025. . . . . when Bombers will theoretically be on a re-build.

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Not just, 4 O-Linemen added to the suspended list…

…and lots of Elks. A bit surprised Wesley Appolon and Cole Nelson released…but not a bunch. Jones is a compete for the job guy who doesn’t “romanticise” players, more black and white - you are making the cut or not…

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Failed his physical due to a dislocated shoulder.
Might return later in the season.


Chad Kelley has a lot of company of players suspended. IMO teams are using this as a ploy to keep extra players around
. I guess as long as the League is ok with with this stuff it will continue.

Suspended either means they didn’t show up for camp or couldn’t show up for camp. Guys sign here without thinking about having to cross the border…


Yep. The Als just suspended 3 players, two of them new to the team, and I’m betting it’s for border / visa reasons…

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That’s true in some cases. But I think teams are using it to hide players. Just another loop hole.

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Its a good loop-hole and one provided and endorsed by the league, definitely the CFLPA.

Same as blowing up the cap. Allowed to go over by $100k or less, so long as you match the overage with similar payment to league.

Should be more penalties for cap-blowing.

My suggestions: (in addition to matching fines)

  1. Go over by 1 cent to $10,000 - lose your draft position in 5th round, ie. if you were poised to draft #4 in Rd 5, you go to #9

  2. Over by $10,000 to $25k - lose your draft position in 4th round.

  3. Over by $25k to $50k - lose your draft position in 3rd round

  4. Over by $50k to $75k - lose your draft position in 2nd round

  5. Over by $75k to $100k - lose your draft position in 1st round (if you’re already #9, then you forefit the pick.

After $100,000 you start losing draft picks, period.

$100,000 to $150,000 - lose your 2nd round pick

$150,000 to $200,000 - lose your 1st round pick

After $200,000 you forefit your first 3 rounds of picks.

Has to be s strong deterrent to not commit the crime.

Likely not trying to hide players but it is one way teams can keep a players rights hense why ticats used it for a player who broke there leg badly last year who is back with the team now mcgriff

You can’t really blame teams for doing everything they can to stay competitive under a very small cap. They need to make the cap about 1 million higher IMO.

I agree that they need to make the cap higher as this will allow those players that are earning near the bottom of the grid, earn enough to live well. Not extravagantly but well. Raising the cap will NOT eliminate the issue of teams going over the cap. They will always operate very close to the maximum or they will not get players to play for them. Think of your own personal finances, if you got a 20% raise, you would do well for a few months but a year down the road, you would still be spending all of your monthly income. You would perhaps live in a bigger house and drive a more expensive car and maybe eat out more often. We tend to spend what we have and the CFL teams are the same.

I get that but he was released. He could sign with anyone. I separated my shoulder once & years later dislocated the same shoulder - skiing - due to my own stupidity.:grinning: Back to “normal” activities within 6 weeks. So Edwards-Cooper is unlikely to miss much time. Why not put him on IR if he is the guy you think he is when you signed him?

Raising the CAP doesn’t do much for the bottom players. In MLB & NFL the minimum salaries are just over $700K but the top players like Oshani 10 yrs , $700MM & Mahones 10 yrs, $450MM are where the money goes. Raise the CAP in the CFL & you’ll see QB salaries go up to $700K before you see the other end go up by more than 10K or so. Only a few years ago Reilly & Bo both got multiple offers of $700K or more.

Throwing more money at a problem rarely has the desired results. The top guys buy bigger houses, the bottom guys get an apple to put in their lunch bags.:grinning: