Cutdown Tracker: Teams make their final roster moves

TORONTO — As teams finish out their preseason schedules, is tracking every team’s final cuts, as they set their rosters for Week 1 of the 2023 regular season.

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I’m bumping this thread as all teams will be making their cuts right away and this is an easy way to follow those.

So far only Toronto, Ottawa (with great detail) and Edmonton players are listed.


Calgary cuts were just posted as well.

They released Olineman Derek Dennis.

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…and DB Brad Muhammad, who had a great year last year.

No surprises form the Elks released. They had about 20 DB’s in camp. Disappointed there wasn’t room for Beaudry but with all the QB’s they have I guess someone has to move on.

Kinda feel bad for the teams that played yesterday having to make their cuts today. Three of the four teams that played yesterday have less than a week until their first game.

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In ordinary times Bombers would pounce on a player like Dennis. But Hubris takes its toll as O’Shea marches on, unaware his o-line will be unable to fully protect Collaros, open holes for his RBs, etc.

The knock on Dennis is that he’s a lazy bugger and doesn’t take well to coaching. He’d be in really deep if the Bombers picked up his tab and he became locker room fungus!

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Sorry to see Romeo McKnight (DL) get released from the Stamps. He was a student at my school and I watched him overcome many obstacles.
Here’s hoping he gets picked up somewhere.


It crossed my mind that the Bombers might do well to be interested in Dennis. They probably won’t because of O’Shea’s loyalty and probably cap space as well. He was let go by the team that had the best Oline in the league last year so presumably someone will be interested in picking him up. I’m not aware of the poor attitude you describe but if true that wouldn’t last long in Bomberville.

Bomber cuts not much drama there - unless its O’Shea & Kyle Walters dragging it out to late Saturday afternoon. One guy I wanted to see stick around (Practice roster) was Jordan Salima, an import RB who showed well in camp. Leggio must have been the reason O’Shea went deep into Saturday before relenting and setting free his 78% loyalty hire.

So far, only cuts I see that could benefit bombers is Brad Mohammed, the strong & feisty Calgary DB who was cut earlier today. Bombers a bit loose and on the timid side on their o-line but Dennis prolly can’t play OG, to breach the weakness Geoff Gray has obviously become. With Hardrick & Big Boy going full strength, Bombers will see just how much having a fresh centre & Gray in their interior effects Collaros, the running game, etc.

Bombers pretty much committed to a slow start this season without Lawler for around 4 games and Olivera for gakky knows how many? Not to mention Stuffer Bighill a virtual no show in training camp!

And as usual the last team out of the East that hasn’t reported anything yet are my Cats .

So far Derek Dennis seems to be the only notable name released

Edit i guess Muhammed in Calgary is now a FA

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Muhammad also released along with Dennis in Stamps final cuts .

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People must know by now each and every year the Jeremy O’Day regime has never announced their CFL team cuts on the day it’s supposed to happen. Saskatchewan Roughriders have been getting away with this tactic for awhile now and CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie needs to take this matter serious and impose penalty against the Riders.

Also Liegghio was released.

I’m wondering about that for a few guys out of Calgary. Brad Muhhammad for one, and Calgary parted with Shawn Lemon quite happily to.
Might be since he’s wearing both hats Dave figured he didn’t have time to deal with locker room trouble.

They have another 3 hours lol

Honestly though him getting released was really not surprising . Let’s face facts here , he wasn’t very good to begin with .

Winnipeg had Castillo now… much better shape

I totally agree but he was still a regular. I have been lobbying for his release for over a year. The Bombers now have the best clutch place kicker in the league so I couldn’t have drawn it up better. Liegghio wouldn’t have made any CFL team ever or still have a chance to continue his career if he didn’t have a Canadian passport.

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I feel like they should have 1 more day to make cuts. You have camp, preseason game and travel then you have to make cuts the next day - pretty tight window for making decisions.

If they had Castillo last year instead of Liegghio they would be sitting on a 3peat run of Grey Cups .

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