Cutdown Tracker: Teams announce their final cuts

TORONTO — is tracking every team’s roster moves as clubs finalize their rosters ahead of the 2o22 season opening this coming week.

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Tim Baines posts and deletes the following:

#Ottawa #Redblacks announce cuts. Among the notables: Receiver B.J. Cunningham and DB Trumaine Washington (who had five INTs last season). QB David Moore also among those let go.

That’s ok. Announce our cuts when it’s convenient.
It’s not like this site ever leaves fans hanging :angry:.

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And there's no such thing as an Elks.

I see the Als released Quan Bray . . . wonder if someone will pick him up. He's been very good at times in his career.

Also, the Elks released Jean-Paul Cimankinda. I wonder if the Redblacks will bring in the local guy for a looksee and maybe add him to the PR. I thought they might try to pick him at the draft.

I would just as soon have Ricky Collins as Quan Bray.

Lots of players not signed have fallen off the radar without fans knowing if they still had interest. So many factors on both sides. CFL has lost a lot of good players

12 hours after the cutdown deadline and the CFL site still has no information posted for 4 of 9 teams.....unacceptable.


Stampeders made a huge mistake in keeping Tommy Stevens over Chase Fourcade, just look at the stats.

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John Hufnagel NEVER makes mistakes. His heightened sense of economy (face it, the man's cheap) makes it only SEEM like he makes mistakes.

Tommy Stevens was 1 for 6 in passing last game if I'm not mistaken. He'll work for spare change and belly button lint. He's also nearly 250 pounds and unstoppable in short yardage situations. Expect Stevens to carry the lumber for both BLM and JM on third down gambles and goal line sneaks. He might even become the CFL's TD leader like Sean McGuire (another QB who was 'completion challenged') was for most of last season.

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@Tightends: I thought so too at first. But when you realize that Mitchell & Maier are definitely not leaving that means the Stamps would only use Stevens or Fourcade as a third (maybe for short yard plays). Although Fourcade has better stats throwing, Stevens has both the size and shown the ability to run for 3rd down plays.

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I was rather surprised the Stamps cut Nick Holley. He seemed to out play all the receivers at training camp (defense against offense practice game) and was effective in both pre-season games (5 receptions out of 6). I realize Colton Hunchak is a national but he didn't catch a pass out of 4 attempts in combined preseason games.

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Sounds like yet another good prospect has fallen victim to 'Ratio'. If John Hufnagel still thinks Nick Holley has any future in the CFL he'll be keeping track of him (provided of course that he doesn't get picked up by another team).

Thursday night the red and white beat up the Alouettes

When the Red Blacks eventually play the Alouettes in Week 7 that COULD happen. Meanwhile instead of the Alouettes it'll be the Bombers they play this Friday right here in Winnipeg.

I'm looking forward to it! :smiley: :+1:

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