Cutdown Tracker: A look at every roster move

TORONTO — is tracking every team’s roster moves as clubs are required to reduce their numbers throughout training camp.

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Get rid of this “TBD” crap and put names to the lists.

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I see that they have now added some, like for the Bombers. I’m guessing it depends on when teams release their lists. Toronto hasn’t yet because they were too busy attending and watching the WNBA game, which obviously is far more important to that city than football.

WOW ! Bombers released Mike O’Shea ? Guess he isn’t quite ready for the pro ranks despite having his dad as HC. Nepotism isn’t what it is cracked up to be , at least in Winnipeg anyway. LOL

Why, if the first training camp cutdown time was 11:59pm on Saturday, are Toronto and Montreal still listed as “TBD” on the CFL website at 9am Eastern on Monday? Come on CFL - do better (for the love of God!!!). Keep showing everyone how this league keeps shooting itself in the foot!