Cut Rey Williams

I think he is overated. He cannot plug a hole and get taken out of plays way too easy! This will send a message to the team!

He's better than anything else we got.

He's always in chase mode and not plug the hole mode.

I agree that he's over rated but he's going no where.

I dont think he’s that bad, I think he brings great leadership.

Please, he's the least of our problems on defense. The secondary is absolutely brutal and the D-line completely useless. It's a mess on an epic scale.

A 40 year old man runs right up the middle for a 20 yard gain when we need a stop. Rey should have been there as his responsibility is the middle of the field. He doesn't cover receivers and his job is to secure the middle of the field.

Our DBs aren't that bad. The issue is that when you don't get a pass rush, the QB has time to sit back and pick you apart and let his receivers finish their routes. If you give a receiver and QB 5-7 seconds to get open, they will get open every time, guaranteed. You can't ask your DBs to cover guys for that long.

A pass rush equates to a quicker read and throw which means that our DBs will be in a better position to limit the gain after the catch or to knock the ball away or have the ball not be completed.

A pass rush will solve a lot of problems on the defense. Then we can work on run stopping.

I think that's on Creehan, he had no respect for Calvillo running with the ball so he "cheated' with his linebackers and stunting his DT's and Anthony made him pay. H runs quite well btw. Once he's at full stride, he moves at a good clip.

But Rey is so out of position that he can't catch a 40 year old man.

If Williams is cheating, should it not be backwards? The middle linebacker should be staying between the tackles and moving backwards to cover any receivers going up through the middle of the field. He doesn't cover guys but takes up space.

The middle linebackers first responsibility is to not let anything go up or over the middle 5-10 yards behind his d linemen.

Except, it is possible that being in the middle of the field on that play was NOT his responsibility. You're being overly simplistic. Generally speaking, Williams is supposed to be there, but depending on the play call, he may have been assigned elsewhere.

There is no doubt about it that Rey could have been elsewhere due to the play calling but if that is the case, are you telling me that the play was to leave the middle of the field completely open? That’s what the field looked like to me, wide open.

Rey is an okay linebacker. That’s it. Floyd was much better. Rey is always in chase mode and even last year I noted that he’s not really that fast. I don’t see him plugging the gaps in run stopping either.

can we delete this thread? lol r u nuts, reys a beast. your dt's are suppose to plug holes. instead of "cutting" anyone. how about we find some help on the DLINE. period

He also had the responsibility on that play to cover Whitaker, who had rolled out to the left and was waiting for the outlet pass. Had Williams stayed in the middle, Calvillo would have dumped the ball to Whitaker, who more than likely would have got more than 17 yards.

Had Rose not been grabbed on his way to Calvillo, he would have had the sack. Instead, Calvillo ended up with a huge hole to run through. Not that holding is ever called anymore…

Well, after 172 yards and 3 TD's, can we now get a MLB?

I don’t think an NFL cut will replace Rey Williams, he seems to be a favorite of Cortez and Burris.