CUT RANDALL and go with Bishop until

......we have a qb. that can play in the CFL.....I have asked for Printers a couple of times....Kelly refused to even look at him....Sorry but that was the wrong call....and most likely by the time the Bombers finally bring in Printers...Kelly should be gone and we should have a GOOD LOOK at him.....What a colossal waste of a bloody year... :oops: :oops: Just complete BULL$HIT... :thdn: :twisted:

Kelly shouldn't have been so quick to cut Dinwiddie, as much as alot of people ragged on him for his arm he was a smarter quarterback then lefors and bishop and had more experience then Randall. But like everyone says its their job they are the professionals not us right? Ha :roll: .
Kelly also stated on cjob that Printers would NOT be coming to Winnipeg.

Or Glenn for that matter. I know people wanted him out but damn you guys are screwed up at Qb at the moment. You've got an armpunter that leads the league in interceptions thrown (Bishop), an injured spaghetti arm (Lefors), somebody who can BARELY if at all handle a blitz (Randall), and someone who's had 3 days of CFL practice experience. Time for Printers to hit the Peg I think.

It won't be up to Kelly to make that decision much longer, Kelly will be shipped out and Printers will be coming in, at least that is what Bauer should be looking at doing now, we can only pray. Also why cut Randall and stay with Bishop, we obviously need to rebuid this mess Kelly put us in, i would go the other way by cutting Bishop and NOT Randall, how can you blame a guy like Randall who was thrown into a game when the team just stopped playing, he is only 26 and has not had the privilidge of practicing with the first team for the past 6 weeks (like Bishop), cut Bishop, bring in Printers. Kelly has NO RIGHT TO STATE THAT HE HAS NO FAITH IN RANDALL in public, just shows what kind of person he is and what a clown he really is.

Sorry i just don't buy the cut Randall bit as of yet, he is young and has not practiced with the number one offense as much as the interception leader (Bishop) and Spaghetti Arm (LeFors), but to say Randall can't read the defense is just plain dumb, we could have had Payton Manning as QB today and he wouldn't have faired any better, this team "STOPPED PLAYING" by the time Randall came in, give the kid a break and a chance to practice with the first team and a coach that won't state in public that he has no faith in Randall. I agree bring in Printers, but cut Bishop before Randall. Man you guys are quick to jump down this kids throat.

Receivers usually have to work double time to catch up with Bishop's passes. He's just flat out terrible, i'm sorry I just can't see Kelly making his 150th stupid head coaching move and cutting Randall over Bishop.

Thanks for not being as blind as the other BB Fans, that would be a huge mistake cutting Randall over Bishop, so quick to jump down Randall's throat, the kid has no confidence, cause a dumb head coach publically states he has no faith in him and not having the practice time that Bishop has been having, cutting Randall ahead of Bishop would be one of the most bone headed moves.

....what a disaster.....Printers may not have had the team in the hammer that Glenn has now...I just couldn't see why we couldn't bring him in to t.c. for a look....I see now Kelly had an agenda for his man LeFors that turned to stone,,,now he's left with NO QB. and scrambling for his job.....Should have listened to the fans a little more Mike....we all aren't completely brain-dead...and we do PAY THE BILLS... :smiley:

To be fair i'm not a BB fan :lol:
But ya, hard to develop when Kelly's like it's okay Bishop you only threw 6 interceptions today. Randall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell are you doing?!?!?!?!? You threw an interception?!?!?!? Get off the field and into the locker room you pathetic excuse for a QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slight exagertion by the way :lol:

Kelly has to stop relying on mancrushes for starting QB's.

My point is Kelly stated in Public that "he has no faith in Randall", yet has not given him the opportunity to have a full weeks practice with the number ones. Bishop had 6 weeks (6 full practices) and only proved that he is not a good QB, would it hurt to cut Bishop and give Randall more reps and then judge the kid. By not having faith in Randall when he has not had the opportunity and practices that Bishop has, just proves that Kelly is a cheesehead, but we won't have to worry bout that much longer i hope, Kelly will be outta town soon!!

I have asked for Printers for my Argos, but you guys may need him more.
Heck, right about now Kevin Glenn and Timmy Chang look real good.
And I may have to reluctantly admit how Bishop is not the answer and may be done.

I like when Glenn’s doing for us. He might not’ve been what the Bomber’s needed and he may have blown his chances there, but here he’s a hero and right now welcome to start over the injured Porter. He’s been solid with us and seems to improve every week (even last game, that was more the receivers fault than anything.) Printer’s to the Peg, Glenn starting for the Cats and the Argo’s might want to give a practice roster spot to Timmy Chang.

....beyond all of this.....didn't anyone else see...THIS TEAM falls to the 1 Kelly and also the guy that hired him....How can we possibly continue on in 09 with a team that won't play for its coach....Next game is Montreal....If we still have Kelly as head coach ...we might as well stay home and mail them the 2 points and save ourselves the embarrassment :oops: :oops: :wink:

I was EXTREMELY disappointed with Shabazz. Who would've thought that he'd sink that low? He was pulling a Rob Murphy trying to beat the snot out of player's while they're down. Grow up bud, I know you're stuck with Kelly and all but really.

The Bombers started the season without a legit #1 QB, and that is still their problem. Major mistake by Kelly that he pays for every week on the scoreboard.

The Bombers need to trade for Kerry Joseph. He could probably get them on track for at least a 500 season next year. Put Randall or the new #3 guy in there, and you're just asking for more of the same.

....i can't believe some Bomber fans take.....EXPECT TO LOSE.....bullcrap to that....what kind of a bloody attitude is that....How long has this team been losing and without a Cup$hit...EXPECT TO WIN...and maybe you'll get a clue.. :roll: :roll:

How you gonna fit a 450k contract on a team that had to take 60k from an injured family man ?

No you do not want to go the KJ route, he is done.
Now if you could get Macpherson out of Montreal as he is a FA at the end of the year, well then you may have a good QB.
I suspect my Argos will try to get him also.

Is there anywhere you can check the upcoming 2010 FA's? Or did you just hear this off of a broadcast? I wanna see what the Cat's may be able to use. I know Fantuz will be done this year, but he said it's either SSK or the NFL that's it.

...we can't afford to wait that long argotom.....something will happen fast....and it won't be KJ coming to the Peg....i bloody well hope.. :twisted:

Listen Papa, truth has it that "the whole team" has stopped playing for Kelly, when the team doesn't play for the coach, how can you expect us to be positive? YES I expect this team to keep losing with Kelly as coach, he crammed all this rebuilding crap down our throats and scary thing is we believed it, until now!!! The team will not play for Kelly, Bishop had his chance, ship them outta here and go for a fresh approach, truth is Papa, i am a True Blue fan, but today was just downright embarressing and it all has to do with no QB and a coach that the whole BB Team will not play for.

How long do we have to sit around and take this BS, Kelly turned our beloved Bombers from a playoff team to the laughing stock of football, many mistakes by Kelly over many weeks and they have all been adding up to a team with a cheesehead coach that stirs up more controversy than the Michael jackson Murder story. It is time to get real, get rid of Kelly, get someoene in A.S.A.P that has GM experience, bring in Printers, boot Bishop.

Every week since the hiring of Kelly, my hope that he was the right guy just kept getting lower and lower, now it's at it's lowest and time for Kelly to be Gone.

First mistake - cutting Dinwiddie and Glenn and naming LeFors the starter 3 months before TC, we lost out by releasing both these guys in favor of LeFors. Not to mention the release of Joe Smith, would Joe have fumbled the ball as much as Bernard did today? Don't get me wrong, i like Bernards upside, but getting rid of Joe Smith was a mistake as Bernard clearly needs to grow more as a player, that's just two of his earliest mistakes. Not AT LEAST bringing Printers into TC to have a look, well that is sure backfiring now, as we could use Printers in the Worst Way. Not signing Armstead as a returner, because of his record, i was okay with that after seein Ramonce Taylor do a great job returning, but still ends up being cut. Letting his Ego get in the way of the team, i mean letting Armstrong go was a HUGE mistake, especially with Milt Retired, imagine how bad we need a reciever like Armtrong on this team now more than ever. That is just a few of Kelly's Blunders, unless he goes NOW, expect Simpson to be gone followed by at least one or two more quality player's.