Cut or Trade Maas!!!!

I like Timmy!

Matt Dunigan has a good QB writeup over at the TSN site...he suggests that Maas is nowhere near 100% physically, and probably playing using painkillers...Matthew recommends sitting him down and playing Change, but NOT trading or cutting him. A healthy Jason Maas can take us someplace...given we a)eventually develop an OLine that doesn't collapse faster than a burst balloon, and b) get receivers that understand that dropped balls, or balls they don't fight for lose games.
If you want to fire someone, pick any of the receivers with the buttery fingers we've witnessed so far.

Maas did nothing last year and looks like he will do the same again. Oline we have none. Also we have no recievers. Feel sorry for our defence. Going to be one long season again.


There is not one other team in the league that Maas would be a starter. So trade him for what? Keep him but let Chang run this thing for a while... don't forget, injuries happen and I would much rather see Mass than Williams come in as a backup.

I would much rather see [b]Mass[/b] than Williams come in as a backup.
(**Normally, I would not think twice about this typo, however, COUPLED with the fact I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with the OPINION, the mistake takes on some additional SIGNIFICANCE) ... and now to my POINT ...

Being the team is in COMPLETE REBUILD MODE - I see GREAT VALUE in having Williams and Chang as 1a and 1b QB's. Until either of them DISTINGUISHES themselves.

Despite the CORONATION Chang has received from a lot in this forum, Ritchie Williams HAS SKILLS ... Chang, while MORE effective than Maas, has NOT BEEN without his shortcomings.

Each of them are SIMILAR in Skill Set. Williams has the STRONGER arm, albeit slightly less ACCURATE. Both have above average mobility, and both are INEXPERIENCED.

The PLAYING FIELD will never be more level than it is RIGHT NOW. Nothing would excite me more than to see a REAL LIFE Gunslinging Competition, with LIVE BULLETS, between Ritchie and Timmy !!!!

Split the OFFENSIVE Possesions somewhat evenly throughout the game ... not necessarily rotate Quarters or Halves, but rotate every couple to few POSSESSIONS ... have a GAMEPLAN, and ask EACH of them do their BEST to EXECUTE it.

Leave Jason on the bench to heal properly, and perhaps, find a way to FIT IN with the rest of the TEAM under LESS PRESSURE to be THE MAN.

So, what problems does the PEANUT GALLERY have with this idea ?


I think most football fans and people around the game would agree that an offense is only as good as it's offensive line.

You can blame Jason Maas all you want, but as the team tries to find/develop playmakers at wide receiver and slotback, if the offensive line doesn't open holes for the runningbacks or protect for the quarterback, it is all a moot point.

You could put (insert Ticat legend name here) and the results would be the same. When you can't run the ball to take the pressure off of the quarterback, and you can't pass protect because you are constantly in 2nd and long situations, I don't care who is back there.

The bottom line is the coaching staff needs to find the right combination of offensive linemen who can gel quickly and act as a cohesive unit or the only thing that is going to happen is Timmy Chang leaving the field on a stretcher.

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A good couple postings from "Meanstreak" and "Pauly" above...

Jason Maas is, was, and will be a quality QB, and if we are going to get the best of $350K of "investment" of Bob's money, our best move is to sit him down and let the other two show us what they've got until he is truly physically ready to be back on the field (or his contract runs out; we have to pay him regardless, and neither Bob nor the seat buyer is a bottomless well of cash!)

We have to start looking hard at the OLinemen and receivers...Hage must learn to snap correctly; someone must stand up and replace the "Cooler" as "Line Captain", and straighten out the "hogs" to break holes for Jesse and Corey, let alone give whichever QB a hope of surviving a game...

And then we must evolve a couple "clutch" receivers...who fight for the ball and are in synch with the QB's for timing and pattern.

Not really that much to ask. And it represents how close we are getting to being "rebuilt".

But Coach Charlie must be the first one to allow Maas to "sit", and build a game plan around either Williams or Chang (probably both)

And you gotta ask yourself how the Defensive oaching puts up with Shaw...wqhen you watch the game tapes, there's no big hits...and always two steps from a tackle...they guy is a superb athlete; he has speed and size and all of that...he just cannot find it to be at the right place at the right time, as Hitch was so capable of doing...SAD! It could be so much better!

Charlie T is doing the "right thing", I believe, in suggesing the team will name its starters for Saturday from those that truly excel in practice this week...this may mean that we get a different QB starting, Rads back at the FB position, Corey returning kicks and perhaps at SB for "clutch" catches?

Must be impressed with "settas" as the P/K position, if he learns to do the low angle 3 iron into the wind, we are really going to set the Als on their butts with the exchange of kicking!

Best to All


Who knows, maybe some team will think they are getting a deal.
He will not do Hamilton ANY good ANY more.

Oh And if you think, Toronto would give Hamilton ANY of their QBs for MAAS, you are crazy, whoever it was that posted that.

What cats99 said. Unless Maas would agree to restructure his contract, a trade would never be made at his salary range given the SMS. Simple.

Chances are he will stay as a backup for the remainder of the year(whenever he is relegated to that role) or he will be cut.

He's not movable to any club as long as he can't pass for touchdowns with a suspect arm (media-driven but still suspect given on-field results) at $350K a year. Period.

Only Edmonton would take him back as clipboard detail at a BEEG hometown discount if the brainstrust there were sufficiently deluded enough to take him back as is.

Oski Wee Wee,

Your Gardner didnt look so super last saturday bud!LMAO

I think that when Charlie says he'll pick the best QB in practice to start, thats code, meaning it won't be Maas. I'd be very surprised if Maas starts.
Oh yeah, and very disappointed.

I think I figured out why MAAS is having so much trouble completing passes.

HIS EYES ARE CLOSED!!!! Bad time to take a nap Jason.

lets please give this til at least gm 4. the offence as a unit has to gain chemistry and eventually i am hoping they will. two games in and it's too soon to totally dump maas. i like chang too. but you will never get a true indication of what jason or timmy can do in this offence until we've fixed the problems and start playing like a team.
the quick fix in this city has always been to target the qb. and it's so painfully obvious this time it's more than that.

So why exactly do we have to always give things time when other teams simply throw together new teams each year and manage to win and play good football?

with exception to sask who have suprised me i look at the other 6 teams in the league who have a nucleus somewhat and have kept their core players and developed a system. we haven’t done this since 98,and i think that’s one of the problems and why this team has no identity.
when can go always uproot a new coach every year and turn to another qb,
except the fact this is gonna take awhile, most fans wanted to blow up the team from last year and this is the result…for now.

A good read above and a very good follow-up by Paullywood and Lifter! :thup: :thup:

Seems Coach agrees with some of it as of today...Shaw is gone and he is looking at making a change for starter!(I'm still "biting my tongue" though) :wink:

Perhaps after game 4 there will be no need for a rant :lol:

should package maas and holmes for a trade, we obviously have decided we don't need to use corey holmes, so why not send the two away for a deep threat reciever and a draft pick

He has a completion rate of 62% after two games (21 of 34)

problem is all his completed passes are the little 2 yard throws into the flats....

a completion is a completion, but we need him to start hitting the 20 and 30 yard throws for our team to be succesful