Cut or Trade Maas!!!!

They need to send a message to the entire team and get rid of their most unreliable player - cut or trade Maas now before the season is lost! Go after one of the two good QB's in Toronto!!!!

I agree.
He's got to go.

Who would that be? Allen?????McMahon??

Marcel will call Maas into his office this week, I'm sure. Enough is enough.

where watching the same Game I was.
He had no Protection
None of Quaterbackers did..
Chang could started and Did no better .
If Fact was Chang Not Pulled Last night ????

we need to fix our Oline..
it had more holes then Swiss Cheese.

Onknight may be on to something. The entire Ticat offence failed last night. While the quarterbacks clearly underperformed last night, it is also a fact that Jesse Lumsden had seven carries for fifteen yards and Corey Holmes had two carries for four yards. This suggests that the offensive line is not doing the job it needs to do to protect the quarterbacks or open holes for the running backs.

Blaming the quarterback is pointless.

How many points for instance did Chang put on the board?

We need a star player. A go to guy. Similar to Flutie or Cahoon. We might have young guys on the team developing into a go to guy but until one comes along we are going to suffer.

Abandon ship! Women and children first!

This ship is sinking. ha ha ha ha..

Doogie, we have a star player.His name is Corey Holmes, when playing for the RIders he was MVP calibre, with us nothing. Line him up at slot back AKA Amerson and help solve our receiving problems

Yup, is was Mass' fault that Ralph and Gardner dropped balls that hit them in the hands.

Gardner had alot of drop balls and ralph should have had that catch but if u look at the replay the ground caused the incompletion thery should have reviewed that but he still shuld have pulled it in he played ther best of all recievers

[b]It may not be entirely Mass' fault but alot of it is. He has not produced from the day he showed up here in Hamilton. I was watching an interview with him and he said "we all have bad days", yes we do but as a professional starting QB you should not be saying that on makes it seem like he does not care!!!!!

Time for him to go.[/b]

Either McMahon or Bishop would be fine!!!!

While Maas didn't impress at all against the Argos, he did look ok in Calgary and at home in the preseason game against Winnipeg.

I'd give him more time, but he'd better show something fairly soon.

You have to keep MAAS. I keep winning on pro line with MAAS in LOL

For what?

Here, here! Ticats cut the deal! I am sure all the other CFL teams would kick down the Balsam St Door to sign damaged goods at 350,000+
ITS ALL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! :cowboy: "smokin"

We need to make a few things clear, here:

  1. Chang went 8/16 (50%) while Maas was 4/11 (35%).
  2. When Chang entered the Toronto D. had to adjust because he has a reputation for throwing deep(er).
  3. Change invigorates the offence while Maas does not.
  4. Chang was playing in his second game in the CFL, Maas was was not.
  5. Chang was NOT pulled, rather the coach wanted to give Williams reps

that said, of course the problems the team is having are caused by other things as well. American rookies trying to adjust is one notable reason, something that happened to Calgary last night, too. These things will smooth out eventually, I hope; but the team's success hinges on the QB, let's not try an downplay the significance of this.

Well if Coach Taaffe Said Timmy Starts vs Montreal
Fine.. I Will Support him..

But it is Maas or Willams They Get my Support.

Fair enough.

I forgot to mention:

  1. Chang had more first downs.
  2. Chang had rushing yards.
8) Chang got us near the endzone.