Cut Maas some Slack!!!

I have been a Cats fan for a long time now. I have seen some good years, some bad years, even Great years......and well the last few .......enough said!!!!!!

I can not for the life of me figure out why soooooo many fans Bash the QB, no matter who it is!!!!!

I full well know Maas is struggling, I am a season ticket hold and attend every game I can, but this slide they are on is NOT all Jason's fault!!!!

It doesn't matter who is in the QB slot, form Maas, to Danny Mac, to Cavillo, Allen, ( the list can go on and on... ) Sooo many Cats fans have blamed them for every loss and every problem.

More than once a good QB has been driven out of town!!!!

This team has a lot of problems, but if you can't see that Maas is trying his best ( and has been playing hurt all season long )than I don't know what to say!!!!

The 'O' line has struggled, but is making strides now, receivers have played poorly all season ( some still dropping balls and reluctant to go up and pull them in ).
Coaching has played a major part as well, and no one can deny that!!!!!
And yes the 'D' have played great some times, but still miss a lot of tackles!!!!
As well as special teams with short punts, missed field goals, and poor blocking/ tackling......

I wouldn't wish the QB job on my worst enemy in this town!!!!!

Who wouldn't be nervous as hell out there, and when that compiled with the urgency to win is going to make bad choices!!!!!
How many times have you seen Damon Allen throw up the duck!!!! or Bret want to talk interceptions........but who in their right mind would say those two boys are crap!!!!!

They are competitors, and try to win ALL the time. Good teams, bad teams, hurt, or healthy...... and some days they go down hard trying.

Maas has a good arm, you saw it last season, the man is hurt and should have had time to heal.
Try getting behind him for once, and when he makes a bad choice, don't boooooo, give him the o'l " shake it off!!!! " " get em next drive!!!! ". A little confidence can go a long way!!!!

Lets not make the same mistake again and again......Don't drive this QB outa town before you get behind him and give him a REAL chance to WIN!!!!!!

It's a TEAM sport!!!!!

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Phew! When I read the title I thought this was going to be a "bring back Reggie Slack" thread.

actually, that might not be a bad idea :slight_smile:

except for his knees...

with casts on his legs, he could still probably do better than maas right now.