Cut Maas and Chang

Bring back Chuck Ealey.

Or at least the Sleeve Stripes…lol

or sleeves

Actually, with the success of Lumsden and Payton, we should be looking for the SON of Chuck Ealey...

a couple others i'd like to see the sons of:

tony gabriel
all brenner
bob krouse
garney henley
tommy joe coffee
dave buchanan
and last but not least big ang

The Son of Earl (Praise Be His Name)

It would be nice to have him...but seriously.....BRING BACK THOSE UNIFORMS!!!!

I have been praying for years the Cats would stop wearing those disgusting black pants and go back to the traditional Golds with black/white stripes.

And wouldn't it be great to see the gold helmets again...If this team does nothing else this year, then all I want is a uniform change.

PS>..Awesome photo. Where can I check out more from the 70's and 80's??? So many memories...brought a smile to my face...hasn't happened with this franchise in years....Thanks...

Thanx for the additions, but I'd also add Zambiasi, Sunter and Ozzie

Why? We have Setta…

I’d add the sons of:
Grover Covington
Rocky DiPietro
Mike Walker
Steve Stapler
Cookie Gilchrist…

The best thing about those uniforms is the numbers were sewn on with needle and thread.

That's how you win games by needling and threading. Only thing is you needle a quarterback that can thread the ball more than 4 yards!

i could probably train my 11-year-old son to throw us a tochdown -- something Maas can't seem to do

We want Chuck, we want Chuck.