Cut lists

Lumbala hasn't shown anything yet and he is playing out his option at this point. It will be tough trading Messam, he hasn't been healthy in 3 years and makes veteran money, does not play teams and most teams have more bodies than they can handle, the best the Als can hope for is to pretty much give him away to a western team outside the division. Winnipeg and Calgary would be ideal destinations. No team is going to help the Als out at the QB position, especially not eastern teams.

The Als have released RB Jerome Messam and OL Charles Goodwin.

LB Bear Woods has been added to 6 game injured list.

Apparently or from what they now write, they had to make only 3 more moves.which they have now done.


With Bear Woods going on the 6 game,you might want to talk to Tillman about possibly getting a Marcellus Bowman instead of Masoli.If the depth chart for the game on Saturday was complete,then it looks like the Mike depth was pretty thin to start with and just got a lot thinner showing only Boulay and Tuck remaining at that position.Bowman might be available as Fred Plesius has been the #1 guy on the depth chart since training camp opened,you might want to give Robert McCune a call as well as of this posting he is still available on the free agent market.As for Messam,I wouldn't mind if he wound up as a Cat,as we are incredibly thin at the fb/te position with only converted linebacker CO Prime and rookie Mike Dell currently on the roster.As of this posting still no announcement on who the Cats have released to get down to the 65.Knowing Austin he probably won't release anybody,just place everybody on the IL,LIKE HE DID LAST YEAR :roll: :lol:

Though listed on the chart at DE, Lavarias has been at Mike since Woods went down. With no TV hard to judge how he did. But yeah were a bit thin there. Popp has said Thorpe didnt think McCune a fit in his system, and we shouldn`t expect Austin to help a division rival.

Well you never know,I've got a feeling that Bowman might not make the final cut this year in Hamilton.The Cats are deep at the linebacking position and right now it looks like Plesius has the inside track at the starters job backed up by Kromah,also the team has 2nd yr man Eric H arris and former NFLer David Caldwell who Austin seems to like as well as returning starters from last year Murray and Lawrence on the outsides as well as #1 draft pick Landry and special team ace Beswick.IMO Bowman is in tough to make the team this year,don't be surprised if he is cut outright,you might get lucky and end up signing him off the waiver wire for nothing,much like we did last year when we picked up Isaac on waivers from the Argos.

Hamilton is in the same boat with their cuts as Montreal is. You rarely see trades during camp.

Not sure if Bowman has the body type for the kind of mike backer we want, and anyway I doubt we’d try to sign another team’s TC cut to be a starter. To back up Lavarias and eventually Woods, maybe.

Import linebackers are like Running backs but even more plentiful. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few being brought in during the next couple weeks.

Yeah, with Woods out and Ferri not impressing, it would make sense. I still think we'll see Lavarias starting the season at MLB barring injury.

Didn't realize how impressive this Lavarias was last year,42 tackles,6 qb sacks and at 6'3" 250lbs probably the biggest MIKE LB in the entire league.If this guy can successfully adapt from DE to MLB I'd say you guys should be alright in the middle this season.

He's a good player. As you say, the question is whether he can adapt to MLB. I don't think the transition should be too steep, since the mike backer, in our system, plays pretty much like a DE, except from an open stance.

Lavarias rotated too. He wasn't a full time starter for 18 games or his stats would be better. Als don't seem too concerned.

Biggest adjustment will probably be backside pursuit into the flats, which takes place at a different depth for a linebacker than for a DE. But I think he'll be fine. I have to believe that Thorpe knows what he's doing. He's in year 2 of coaching the D and he must have a clear enough idea of what he wants out of the MLB spot. If he didn't think we had players there, Popp would have brought people in.

Messam as a National RB will be able to find employment. He has the size to be a FB/TE and although I think he did improve last year his blocking and receiving he would really have to commit to changing his whole game from a tailback to FB. hamilton is really lacking at that position. Prime could be very useful as an extra blocker and teams guy but receiving he is a major project. Talking about flexibilty being a blocking FB, Teams player, and Emergency MLB still keeps him valuable.
Winnipeg could also be a place where Messam may fit.Bombers struggling with ratio and Canadian depth.
Being a back up RB. Montreal has Lumbala making Messam expendable to Montreal but useful in Winnipeg.

Granted, but they must feel he can do the job. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have cut Messam. Either that or they’re planning to sign another team’s castoff at FB…

Coverage may be his biggest problem but Montreal does have Broulette who could be part of the 2nd and long passing package from MLB. Like mentioned the MLB in the Thorpe scheme is not the center piece of the defense and he will be surrounded by a couple of All Star LBs. The Riders were able to win a Grey Cup using a MLB by comittee approach with two all star calibre Will and SAM LBs

I agree, except that Brouillette hasn't played MLB in two years. I don't see him playing MLB unless someone gets injured. He can already play Will and Safety, so he's already got value.

Having a National tailback on your roster is becoming more and more important. Do not have to be a starter but a solid back up gives a team plenty more flexibity. Calgary did it with Matt Walter last year as he doubled as a spot TB for Cornish while being a FT teams player.
Like Walter last year Lumbala will be in his second season coming out of the Calgary Dino's system which seems to be built for players to make a smooth transition to the pro level.

If he can play teams yes, otherwise it makes no sense. That's what was great about Lavoie. I'd really like to know if we protected Messam at the expense of Lavoie. We will never know.

I doubt Messam was protected over Lavoi. As for baclk up National RBs Messam and Lavoi are two different kinds of players. Messam is amore of a feture RB Tailback, ball carrier however you want to put it Lavoi is a TE on the line blocker and receiver. Lavoi i do not think has ever carried the ball.
Lubala the same. He can play teams, but he also can be a ball carrier. They could play him as a FB but in the modern CFL sense of a FB makes him like an extra blocker and receiving back playing mostly special teams.

RB's and now FBs are too general away to describe players now