[i]If there is one thing Johnny cannot stand, is a pea brained player. The Alouettes cut Tisdale to make room for this guy?! A penalty machine who has cost us 2 games against Ottawa.

Which coach or coaches thought it would be a good idea to cut Tisdale and keep this guy? [/i]

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Hefney should not be given the opportunity to demonstrate his lack of intelligence and/or control on a weekly basis. Has to go.

If Hefney doesn't face any consequence for this latest costly lack of discipline, it will cast a serious pall on Noel Thorpe as a defensive coordinator. At minimum, he should lose his starter's position to the next man and be forced to back up for the next 3-5 games.

While I don't want to take Jonathan Hefney's defence, which penalty by him,last night, did cost the game? Based on information, he had 1 10 yard penalty, which was declined,because Ottawa gained a little more than 10 yards.

Brodeur-Jourdain, Townsend and Ellis did have penalties that took points of the board or prevented points.


I'm more concerned about his coverage, or lack thereof.